Sunday, July 26, 2015


This one is from Kaitlin Foster of Kansas, USA.  Kaitlin is team leader of her team and admits that she often finds herself frustrated with her team.

For some reason the members of my office team are at my house.  They’re making themselves at home, enjoying the TV, and not respecting my furniture.  I don’t remember inviting them, and they are basically ignoring me, although they’re making jokes among themselves and generally having a good time. They’re drinking my wine and eating my food… just a standard party atmosphere.  I ask someone to put a coaster under her glass, but she just ignores me.  I’m getting really pissed now.

I go to my bedroom and hear a meowing.  In real life I have 3 cats, but I don’t see any of them.  I follow the sound and find a teeny little kitten under the bed. She’s all white and just so cute.  I carry her in my arms and she cuddles against me.  My heart just opens up to the sweet kitten.  I tell her that she can stay with me, and I will take care of her, and give her lots of love and support.  The dream ends.

This is basically a self-revelation dream… your psyche reminding you of your self-values.

According to this dream, you have certain high standards.  You’re easily irritated by people who don’t respect you or your space.  As team leader at work, apparently your co-workers don’t treat you according to your high standards.  They probably encroach on your mental and emotional space all the time by being rude, telling inappropriate sex jokes, gossiping, etc.  They probably ignore a lot of your personal rules on how to conduct themselves.  Undoubtedly you often go home frustrated and ready to give up on them.

Yet you have a compassionate heart, willing to be tender and supportive to anyone or anything (kitten) who is pure of intent (white), and who is willing to admit that they need your loyal attention and support.

Your psyche sent you this dream as a gentle reminder, “KAITLIN, REMEMBER THAT PEOPLE AREN’T KITTENS.  Most of them don’t think they need anyone’s help, much less come to you and tell you they need your love and attention.  By the time someone is old enough to be self-supporting with a job, their basic characters are already established.  If they haven’t learned respect for other people’s property yet (including mental and emotional possessions, such as loyalty, integrity and compassion), then it’s their issue and not yours.

Your issue, dear dreamer, is to ACCEPT the reality of your situation, which is that people are flawed.  They make mistakes.  PLEASE DON’T TAKE IT PERSONALLY.  Again, people are not innocent and pure baby kittens.  In fact, kittens grow up to be cats, who are definitely capable of disrespecting your heart and home.  Since you have 3 adult cats, then you certainly know this.  So learn to accept the flaws of your co-workers in the same way you accept the flaws of your cats.  Then you won’t be frustrated and irritated as often.

Of course, if it’s within the realm of your “leader” position to suggest improvements in your work environment (e.g., no inappropriate sex jokes), that’s okay too.

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