Monday, August 15, 2016


Reuben from Michigan sent me this dream for interpretation:

I live in a condo and am a member of the board.  Recently, I had a dream where my apartment was filled with knee-deep water.  My first concern is about my roommate and whether he’s aware of this.  Turns out he’s not even home yet from work.  The condo is on a hill and my apartment is on the third floor.  It would have to be a big flood in the area to reach my place. Being a member of the board, I’m concerned for the tenants in the building who live on the lower levels.  Common sense tells me that if the water reached my third-floor apartment, those beneath me must be totally flooded out.  I look out my window and strangely enough, the only flooded-out area is the tennis court, which is on a lower level of the slope.  As I look down at the tennis court, I see crocodiles swimming around at the bottom of the water.  I know I have to tell the other tenants about this, because those critters are deadly.

When I read about his dream, I knew there was a powerful message in this.  Having lived in a condo and having been a member of the board, I knew immediately what Reuben’s psyche was telling him.

Water symbolizes emotion.  Water in a place where it’s not supposed to be is inappropriate emotion. Crocodiles in the water is dangerous emotion.

I asked Reuben if there have been significant disagreements among the people who live in the condo community.  He replied, “Oh boy, and how!”

So there you go.  The dream is self-explanatory.  Let’s think it through.

Since the inappropriate water is in Reuben’s apartment, he is evidently steeped in the disagreements among the condo residents and he’s knee-deep in emotional reactions about the issues involved.  His roommate’s absence suggests that the roommate has managed to avoid such emotional immersion in the disagreements.  Fortunately for Reuben himself, while he feels passionate about the issues, his emotions are still controllable and maneuverable.  Knee-deep water won’t necessarily drown him.

Tennis courts provide an area where residents can share fun, entertainment and exercise.  Certainly it provides a venue for a healthy interaction among the tenants.   A flooded tennis court tells us that the exchanges among the tenants have become toxic and deadly.  Frustration and anger generate ugly accusations, insults, threats and vengeful, hurtful words and actions.  Those, dear readers, are the crocodiles in the tennis court.  I suspect things have gotten ugly among the tenants of Reuben’s condo.

This is definitely a warning dream to Reuben.  First, his psyche is making him aware of the “dangerous waters” in his environment.  In fact, while he’s aware of the dangerous crocodiles in the tennis court waters, he hasn’t yet risen above his own emotional passions which work against his objective responsibilities as a board member.  As long as he’s immersed in his own issues, how can he guide others out of those dangerous waters?

The good news is that the very fact his psyche sent him this dream suggests that he possesses the ability and skill to fix this whole mess.  Go for it, Reuben!  You can do it!  Start by drying out your own apartment, and the rest will be easy.

In my situation, some tenants were so unhappy they moved out.  One was so outraged he sued the Condo Association and we ended up spending our precious Association money to hire defense attorneys.   Not only did the maintenance fees go up, but some repairs and upgrades had to be postponed for years until the fund had restored itself.  Crocodiles indeed!

This dream demonstrates how revealing and helpful our dreams can be.  Happy snoozles to you all!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Lynnie lives in Nebraska and shares her dream with us:

I work for a big company where there are a lot of supervisors.  One of the supervisors, Brent, and I share a love of animals.  In the dream, I enter a huge building which is mostly empty.  I greet him and he tells me that he’s collected a lot of feral kittens which need to be neutered and spayed.  They’re all in cages of many different sizes.  Some have doors, and others don’t.  I’m impressed that he’s collected so many kittens by himself.  Then I notice that a lot of them are dirty.  No litter boxes have been provided, and no feeding bowls or even food. Some of the kittens clearly need medical help of some type, and a few look like they won’t even make it.

An empty building represents a POTENTIAL environment populated by a community of like-minded individuals.  Brent works with Lynnie, so we’ll assume that this is their work environment.  Since Lynnie, our dreamer, and Brent are both animal lovers, kittens symbolize newborn ideas, theories and belief systems which are ripe for development (i.e., "pet" theories).  Of course “feral” kittens need to be domesticated and controlled, so it appears many of the ideas and goals envisioned by the business company are still very much in the wild-idea stage. Brent himself essentially represents the authority figures – those who have the power to realize the visions of the company.  However, at this point, they don’t even know how to begin (no doors) and how to organize and control such ideas (open doors).  In addition, the authority figures haven’t planned for the care, guidance and development which will be needed to realize the potential of the situation.

As I look around, I see the kittens are escaping from the open cages, and those stuck in their cages are either listless, sick or starving.  I tell Brent this and he sort of shrugs, focused on simply finding and collecting the kittens.  I see two other workers come in.  I’m glad to see them and I tell them about our kitten dilemma and ask them to help me.  A woman enters the building and overhears what I’m doing.  She comes up to me and asks me, “Who do you think you are coming in here telling my employees what to do?”  This really pisses me off. All I’m trying to do is help the poor kittens.  So I tell her, “I was just trying to help!  If you don’t get that, I’m not wasting any more of my time.”  The dream ends as I walk out of the building.

I emailed Lynnie back and asked her if something new had happened to her work environment.  Move to a new location?  Get a new president?  She explained to me that her company had just been bought out by a bigger company.   OK, that makes sense.

Her psyche is sending Lynnie a warning message.  I suspect that she’s been unhappy about her job situation even before the takeover, and that the  bigger company which absorbed them has goals which are even more difficult to realize.   Now she’s so unhappy she’s ready to quit.

This dream is showing her a lot of things:

●        First of all, it’s showing her the POTENTIAL of the company.  The people in power have plenty of ideas and goals, but so far, they don’t have the appropriate infrastructure in place to realize those goals.  This is GREAT!  No furniture to get rid of.  No walls to break down.  IT’S ALL OPEN FOR GROWTH. 

●        Next, she’s already inside… a part of the populace WHO HAS THE POWER TO INFLUENCE AND AFFECT the growth that occurs here.

●        Third, she already has a connection with an authority figure who’s willing (and needs) to accept her help.

●        Finally, Lynnie’s dream is showing her that, apparently, the powers-that-be already recognize her ability, not only to discern the ideas and goals of the company, but to understand which can’t be realized because of insurmountable blocks (no egress from cages) or are too weakly thought out (dying kittens), or are otherwise simply not viable (escaped kittens).  Not many people have these talents.  And even if they do, they may not have the additional talent of knowing how to nurture the idea into full growth.  And, even if they had that too, very few would have the PASSION to do something about it.  Lynnie’s psyche is telling her, “You’re a visionary, an organizer, a resourceful leader, and you have the passion to make things happen."

The final skill she needs to bring to bear is COMMITMENT.   Her psyche is showing her that she possesses too much pride and ego to commit to a task when she might be censured for being too pro-active, or for being underappreciated and misunderstood.

Her psyche is asking her, “Will you turn away from this incredible opportunity to make a big difference in a company which evidently needs your help… all because some authority figure gets enflamed into a flare-up fueled by control-issues?

Lynnie, please think deeply and seriously about this.  The issue is not about your pride being wounded or your self-importance being challenged.  The issue is:  WHAT’S GONNA HAPPEN TO THOSE KITTENS if you leave now?

A lot of things to snoozle about, eh? 

Sunday, May 29, 2016


This is a very short dream from Elena, a California resident, and actually quite a common one:

I fly a lot… from building to building or flying over a beautiful ocean.  I levitate sometimes, too.  My mindset when I’m doing this is “I can do this.”  I walk above water sometimes, too.

Freud would probably say it’s a “sexual” dream, and in some cases it may even be true.  However, it can also have a very mundane meaning:  Very simply, this is Elena’s psyche assuring her that she has the power to overcome all obstacles in her life.  If adversity strikes and she feels stuck or blocked in her efforts to achieve her goal, this dream is reassuring her that trusting in her inherent strength and courage will help her “fly” over such mundane blockages on her life path.

Many people experience these types of dreams as a supportive function of their psyches… the higher self saying, “Don’t give up.  You can do it!”

On a more general level, for those of you who are familiar with the concept of “ascension”… elevating humanity’s physical densities from third density to fourth density, this is a more literal message.  It translates to:  “Congratulations!  You are ascending to fourth density.”

According to many spiritual pundits (Drunvalo Melchizedek, David Wilcock on the “GAIA” website), when our pineal gland reaches its true functional level, we will in fact be able to do anything Jesus did.  In fact, I address this new human condition in my Sci-Fi trilogy, PEACE WARRIORS OF THE GALAXY, where my four heroes who possess so-called ESP powers save Earth from galactic enemies using their abilities.  (For more information about this fiction-series, check out my website:  “

I’m simplifying, but in essence, since all life is comprised of energy, your density is measured by the frequency of your personal consciousness.  First density on Earth are rocks, plants, water, air, wind… Mother Earth’s basic life forms; second density are animals, who have survival consciousness and a form of “group” mind. Third density are human beings, who have a strong “I” consciousness… “I AM” prime directive survival instincts.

Within third density are many gradations:  primal level is “self” awareness so intense it will kill, fight, torture and launch wars to survive.  Humanity ascends to a higher density when its energy frequency becomes aware, not only of itself, but of its connection with “all-that-is.”  When a human being evolves from a kill-or-be-killed attitude to one of “If I hurt you, I hurt myself because we are one and the same” attitude, then vibrational frequency becomes purified and much higher, which changes our density to the next level, i.e., fourth density. Fourth density is consciousness which “knows” that we are all creators of our reality and therefore in unity with the God-source.  (My non-fiction book, BOOK OF YES, also addresses this idea.)

For a more comprehensive understanding of this concept, I truly recommend watching David Wilcock’s “Wisdom Teachings” on GAIA TV.  Google it on your computer (“Ascension” or Drunvalo or David Wilcock).  The information on this is a touch away on the internet.
Meanwhile, for now, Elena, it’s enough to assure you that your compassion, love and attitude towards others have elevated you to a higher consciousness.

You can sleep better at night knowing that you are ascending to fourth density.  Congratulations and happy snoozles ahead.

Thursday, April 14, 2016


This is a short one from Gracie, who lives in Philadelphia:

In the dream I’m at home with my husband Ronnie. We’re asleep in our bed, which is in the living room for some reason.  I wake up to see the receptionist that I work with in real life. She’s walking around our condo and she started asking me questions. I was embarrassed by my big bed hair and pajamas. I answered her questions and sat up. She laughed at my big hair and couldn’t believe how different I looked at work. I told her that I love my big hair, and she shrugged and walked away. I felt like she was invading my privacy and was disrespectful. I didn't want to go to work after that.

Home with hubby is a nice, safe, private situation.  Asleep in a bed in the living room is unusual.  The bed should be in the bedroom.  Right away, I’m wondering if for some reason Gracie’s private life is being made less private.  If maybe her bedroom habits are being put out in a more open forum?  If maybe someone she knows casually (like only a greeting level, which is what a receptionist does) is being too curious about her private life? 

Bed is generally known to be a sleeping place as well as a place for sexual activity.  I’m wondering if our Dreamer, Gracie, is causing unwonted curiosity from a casual acquaintance about her sexual preferences? Big bed hair can be symbolic of bedroom thinking.  It’s appropriate for our hair to get messy and all-over-the-place when we’re asleep.  After all, aren’t our night-thoughts (dreams) messy and all-over-the-place? It’s certainly nothing to be embarrassed about or ashamed of.

Nevertheless, Gracie becomes attentive and answers the questions from the enquiring receptionist.  The receptionist laughs, which – in a free country such as ours purports to be – she is quite at liberty to do.  This suggests that while Grace is not ashamed to share her innermost thoughts with mere acquaintances (as opposed to true friends) and she is not ashamed to be who she is (bad bed hair and all), she becomes offended when people react negatively to what her true nature is during safe, private times.

In this dream, Gracie’s psyche isn’t telling her that she is wrong to be who she is, nor that curious receptionists are unkind.  Rather, she is being cautioned as to where her bed is being placed.  It’s wonderful that she’s open-hearted and trusting enough to answer questions about private matters being asked by relative strangers.  But she must learn to discern whether it’s appropriate to reveal her innermost thoughts (bed hair) and personality (pajamas) to relative strangers. 

Why take offense by the receptionist’s reaction and why withdraw from the workplace… when she could have avoided it all by simply refusing to answer inappropriate questions in an inappropriate place from an inappropriate person?

This dream is Gracie’s psyche giving her great advice… what NOT to do under certain circumstances.

Happy snoozles ahead, folks!

Friday, March 4, 2016


Linda sent me this dream from Hollywood, California.

 I have a brief encounter with some new people at my current office. Two people stood out to me. A light-skinned black woman and a white man. I’m not sure why, but I can tell they were reeking with hate for me. The black woman would call me a cunt and bitch to my face and yell, “Fuck you!” The white man would look at me in disgust and tell me I’m a piece of shit. I couldn’t think of what I did to possibly offend them, but I hated them, too. My feeling was that they were jealous. I didn’t feel that I could defend myself, and I never thought to report them to HR.

This dream is about the black-and-white aspects of life.  In reality, we know that life isn’t just black and white.  It’s often a mixture of both, creating gray in a dozen different shades.  And, finally, life often bursts out in a glorious array of different colors.  I think our Dreamer, Linda, is experiencing a strong conflict in her life at this time regarding her job.  Her psyche is trying to bring to her attention that her workplace isn’t just black and white.  It’s also gray in all its many shades, as well as a potential burst of dozens of brilliant colors.

For example, let’s assign “black” to the negatives of the job:   Boring.  Filled with political dissension.  Filled with people who lie and are deceitful.  Filled with people who are jealous and emotionally vindictive.  Filled with incompetent co-workers.  Etc.

Now, let’s assign “white” to the positives:   Exciting work.  Fulfilling rewards of mental energy.   Filled with warm and friendly people.  Great insurance.  Great income.
I would suggest to Linda that she might be seeing only the black and white of her job situation.  Filled with self-contempt when she sees the negatives and wants to quit.  And then filled with self-loathing when she is persuaded to stay because of the positive elements.
In either event, she never thinks the conflict in herself is enough to warrant a visit to HR, i.e., resignation from her job.

Later in the dream, I was walking by a shower at work (yes, it’s weird) and noticed that my PS4 (video game console) and one of my awards was drenched in the shower. Water was pouring all over it and people were laughing and pointing. I grabbed my PS4 and my award and tried to dry them off. I was shocked that no one helped me. I knew I had to call the police and report it, because my PS4 is worth $1000 and totally ruined. I knew it was the black woman and white man that did it.

Showering is suggestive of cleansing.  Apparently Linda often reaches a point where she wants to start with a “fresh and clean” attitude about her job.  She has great equipment/tools of her trade, which she appreciates.  But the positive value of her equipment and award-winning skills is washed away by the fact that she feels her co-workers don’t appreciate her valuable work.  In fact, when the company itself doesn’t seem to “value” her ruined reputation, her co-workers don’t feel the need to reassure her and support her disappointment.  Deep inside, she even knows that it’s her own internal conflict which is adding to this dilemma.  Police in dreams often represent one’s conscience.  Linda feels guilty about her conflicted thoughts and feelings about her job.  Deep inside, she knows she has to come to terms with herself.

For some reason, I didn’t want to use my cell phone to call the police. I wanted to call from a company phone. The problem was that the reception was bad and it was hard to get an outside line. The only room with a working phone was a dark, closed room, with a white cat that slept on the shelves. The room was very creepy to me, so I didn’t call the police. I felt unsafe at work, and someone was doing a press conference when I tried to leave the building, so they were blocking me from leaving. I decided that everyone was an attention whore of no substance, and I felt disappointed and sad.

Calling the police is, of course, admitting to her feelings of guilt, and she knows it’s not a personal-life dilemma (cell phone).  It’s a career/job dilemma (company phone).  Linda probably feels that the reception at her company is bad… that she can’t really turn to a supervisory authority for help.  In addition, going to an outside line (someone not in the company) is not an option either.  An alternative might be complaining to a “closed” room, perhaps an internet “chat” room where she can be as “catty” as she wants, except she feels creepy about that outlet.

Ultimately, because Linda has no one to turn to, she feels unsafe at work, and her company itself is sharing an image of itself to the public which she doesn’t necessarily agree with.  This makes her whole work situation disappointing and sad.

I think Linda’s psyche is asking her to re-examine her beliefs and attitudes about her job.   She needs to ask herself the following questions:

1)     Is she just seeing the black and white of her job?
2)    Why feel “guilty” about staying in a situation with so many negative aspects?
3)    And then feel “guilty” at not wanting to leave a good income even if the job isn’t perfect?
4)    Whose job is ever truly perfect?  Aren’t there good and bad things in every situation?
5)    Even if an award for good work is not backed up by the company, isn’t that better than getting no award at all?
6)    If you know your value, does it really matter if your co-workers see that value or not?
7)    Don’t all companies want to present a positive image to the public?  Why call such a choice as “attention-whoring” when it’s only good business?
8)    Finally… is it possible for you to focus on the moments of color… the good times, the funny times, the happy times… even if the only happy time is sharing a good joke with a co-worker. 

Our world is founded on the basic elements of black-and-white.  Words aren’t seen as clearly as they are in black ink on white paper.  But it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy other colors.  Allow yourself a palette of hundreds of colors… of hundreds of gradations between happy and sad, good and bad, positive and negative.  I suggest that’s what life is all about.

Have great dreams, snoozlers!  Pay attention to what your inner self is always trying to communicate with you.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016


This dream is from Margie in Chicago. 

It starts out with me arriving at a parking lot to meet up with Daisy (fake name) and Joe (fake name). (In real life, the backstory is that Joe hates Daisy, and they are my co-workers. Joe thinks she is unprofessional and a pain in the ass. He warned me about her, because I am about to take over his role on the team). 

Since this dream includes real people in Margie’s life, my immediate thought is that this is a simple “information” dream.  Also, the fact that Margie is now about to take over Joe’s position suggests that the dream is cautioning Margie about the type of person Daisy is, giving her a clue as to how to interact with Daisy

Joe is purposefully dismissive of Daisy and stares at his phone as we three walk together somewhere. I observe her behavior and notice that she’s happy and upbeat. I engage in some small talk with her, and she’s really playful and feisty. She loves the banter and starts play wrestling with me. I have fun with it, too. Next thing you know, it’s getting more intense and almost sexual. While I’m confused by it, I don’t see any harm, and I can tell that she is having immense fun. I see it as an opportunity to earn her trust, so we continue to wrestle. It isn’t rough at all. We’re pushing each other’s hands, laughing, and all the while, Joe is walking ahead of us, oblivious. I decide two things. He’s afraid of her and hates that she doesn’t like him. And I think it’s possible that she’s a lesbian.

There is an evident disparity of personality between the two.  Joe is serious and focused on his personal goals.  Daisy is fun-loving and social.  Neither one is right or wrong.  They are merely different from each other.  Since Margie is about to take over Joe’s position and she is the Dreamer in this story, I tend to think this is more a guiding dream for Margie about aspects of herself, rather than a dream defining the relationship between Joe and Daisy.  Once Joe is gone, he’s no longer relevant to Margie’s life, so it’s reasonable to assume this dream relates to Margie herself.

Apparently, Margie is capable of being both social and fun-loving (like Daisy) and serious and focused (like Joe).  Margie’s psyche is asking her to decide which persona she is going to exhibit.   Is she going to be a Joe-type… brushing Daisy aside as a “pain in the ass?”  Or is she going to exert herself to gain Daisy’s trust by being social and fun-loving?

Frankly, there’s no reason why Margie shouldn’t find a middle-of-the-way persona, where she’s both and neither, depending on the interactive situation which crops up at work.  Middle-of-the-way persona is being focused and serious when actually doing her work, but during non-work times, being social and willing to have fun.  In any event, it would be wise to keep the “sexual” element out of the fun times.  Such interplay is not really appropriate in the workplace.

In summary, I would advise Dreamer to pay attention to how she conducts herself in her new position when interacting with Daisy.  Being too friendly to Daisy might send the wrong signal to Daisy.

Meanwhile, dream-bloggers, happy snoozling.

Saturday, February 6, 2016


This one is from Rachel of Tampa, Florida.  After she sent me her dream, I asked her some questions about her work situation and my interpretation factors in her answers.   She confirms she just got a new job and is feeling somewhat rejected by her co-workers at work.

My dream takes place in San Francisco.  I’ve never been there and I don’t know why I’m there.  I’m walking around and I see a dog park.  I don’t have a dog, but I love dogs so I decide to go to the dog park just to look at the dogs.  For some reason, the people there aren’t friendly and don’t welcome me.  So I just keep walking.

Usually if you dream of an unfamiliar city which suggests “saint” (St. Louis, St. Andrews, St. George, etc.), your psyche is trying to send you a message about spiritual or ethical ideals.  Walking in a “saint” city suggests you are in a moral or spiritual crisis and are trying to clear up mixed feelings about challenges facing you.  Since Dreamer confirms that she’s just gotten a new job, this dream scenario represents her new work environment.  Walking in a strange city echoes her feelings about her new job.  Perhaps she’s uncomfortable about the ideals of the company she’s working for and so she’s “exploring” the parameters of her new job.  Is there something about this new company’s ethics or spiritual goals which  doesn’t sit well with her?

Next, anyone who’s a dog-lover knows that they’re loyal and unconditionally loving.  Dogs, in this dream, are an icon of loyalty.  Entering a dog park where the occupants are unfriendly to her suggests that this dreamer finds herself in an environment where her established, already loyal co-workers aren’t yet willing to welcome her because they don’t trust her yet.  They’re cautiously waiting to see where her loyalties lie.  She doesn’t feel loyalty to the company yet, and, in fact, she’s still trying to decide if this company deserves her total commitment. Has she expressed her dissatisfaction in any way with the way things are run? With the goals of the new company?  She confirmed to me that she loved her old job, which became a victim of economic constraints, so she is certainly capable of trust and loyalty herself.

I pass a small glass building which suddenly just falls apart.  I’m far enough away that the broken glass doesn’t hurt me, but I notice I have no shoes on, so I have to be careful not to cut my feet.

Finally, I bypass all the glass shards and decide to go into a cafĂ© to have some breakfast.  I don’t have my purse with me, but I have just enough in my pockets to have a great breakfast.  Dream ends.

The glass building symbolizes Rachel’s new workplace.  The fact that it’s made of glass is telling her that she will be able to see right through the very essence of the company’s goals and aspirations.  Not only can she see the core of the company’s goals, she will be able to break down the defensive shield her co-workers are presenting to her and reach them in a valid and meaningful way.  And, finally, whatever income she’s earning at this new job will be enough to satisfy her immediate needs.  The fact that she doesn’t have her purse with her suggests she has enough money set aside elsewhere to weather any rainy day.

Her psyche is telling Rachel… don’t worry, kiddo!  You’re gifted with enough insight to see to the heart of your dilemma, and while you’re vulnerable (no shoes), you have enough caution and resources to generate a comfortable, self-sustaining work environment for yourself.  However, do be thoughtful with your insights.  Glass serves a two-way protective purpose, and broken glass can cut you, as well as whoever’s on the other side of it, if you take a “wrong" step. 
Happy snoozling, folks!