Wednesday, January 3, 2018


Francine is the daughter of a woman (Ruthie) I befriended in New York long ago.  Ruthie and I have kept in touch over the years to share news about our mutual interest:  Non-terrestrials (aka “aliens).  When her daughter told her about this dream, she persuaded her daughter to contact me.  It’s a really long, complex dream, but I consider it to be a magnificent harbinger of what’s about to happen in this phase of humanity’s evolution. 

Dream 1 - The dream begins at my condo. My Mom is visiting for the week and invites me to join her in an "extra area" of the condo.  She had moved to Queens years before when the apartments had converted to condos and I had bought the condo.  I was shocked to hear that there was an area of the condo that I didn't know about since I had been living in it my entire life. I asked her why she never showed it to me before and she said that "it isn't renovated and needs a lot of work". She opens a door I had never seen before and I follow her down a hallway with wooden flooring to an open kitchen with windows. I stare out of the windows, spellbound at the beauty of the view outside.  I never realized there was a forest and a long, winding river in my own back yard.

A “hidden room” is always suggestive of a big secret.  The “secret” her mother reveals to her is not personal.  It’s about a separate reality which co-exists with the one we’re experiencing at any given moment.  A forest represents a living environment, but one which promises more privacy than, say, a desert landscape of endless sand.  The river suggests “life” because humanity cannot live without water.  Because her mother Ruthie has always had access to this other reality but never fully exposed Francine to it before, Ruthie has apparently protected her daughter from it.  Because Ruthie is a strong proponent of life on other planets and galaxies, at this point I suspected that the other reality symbolized by this dream is the fact that we already co-exist with non-terrestrial beings, but many of us simply are afraid to open that “hidden” door in all our homes.  Even if we are aware of where that door leads, most of us simply refuse to “go there.”

After reading this paragraph, I knew it was about NT’s finally “coming out” of the closet.  My concern was whether Francine was gonna believe me.  I mean, to me it’s obvious, but to people who don’t believe other life exists out there, it’s a far-fetched interpretation to an innocent dream.  When Ruthie admits she was holding back the secret of the hidden room because "it's not renovated and needs work," she is saying NT's have always been around, but our consciousness evolution wasn't ready yet to accept that truth.  We had to "renovate" our thinking about NT's and the NT's had to work on the method by which they reveal themselves to humanity.  But, read on... to my happy surprise, Francine’s psyche is busy getting her to understand the true meaning of her dream.

My wife, Susie, appears and I jump with excitement when I see her. I say, "See! I knew that 1,002 square foot was way more than what we thought we had! There is no way that 1,002 sq ft is just 2 bedrooms and a living room."  Susie laughed and looked around in shock, "Where are we?" I looked towards my Mom who was wiping down the kitchen area. The stove, sink, and walls were covered in dust. I answered Susie, "This is an extra area to our condo we didn't know about! Maybe we can rent it out for extra money." My Mom intercepted, "No, there is no bathroom. You can't rent it out, unless you want to share your space." I was upset that there was no bathroom, "Is there a bedroom?" My Mom walked towards a hidden staircase and said, "Yes!"

As Susie and I followed my Mom down the staircase, we passed a small office space with windows all around that overlooked the forest from a 2nd floor. We lowered the staircase into a small, cute bedroom with a door that opened to the river. I yelled, "Oh my God! This is gorgeous. I've always wanted a view of water." I looked past the bedroom into another kitchen, "Another one???" I asked my Mom why there wasn't a bathroom, and she looked like she was hiding something. It was in that moment that I had a sudden memory of being in this room alone as a child. I had wandered there by accident and got terrified after seeing a ghost. I looked at my Mom with terror and asked, "Is this room haunted?" My Mom nodded and opened the door to the river. I frowned at Susie and said, "Damn! We can't rent out a haunted room."  Susie just shook her head. She thinks it’s funny when I'm greedy.

Within the planet-earth reality that Ruthie exposed her daughter to, enough subliminal information affected Francine which prepared her for the existence of other realities.  During sleep, our soul consciousness visits these other realities.  One of the other dimensions which exist is the one where those who die (i.e., leave current conscious reality) progress to.  Francine is already gifted with reaching those other realities.  Of course, her current practical Francine self is more impressed at the chance of making money than she is at the fact that she can access those other dimensions. 

As we follow my Mom to the river area, we see that there is a resort next door with cabins and a security shack. "There's a resort next door? People pay to come here? And we can come for free?", I exclaim. My Mom walks into the river and joins a woman who is staring at the building we just came out of. I don't even question walking in the water and join my Mom. I greet the woman who says, "Is that room for rent?" I say, "We were thinking about it. Maybe $1000/month?" The woman's eyes widen, "Only $1000?" I say, "Maybe more." My wife laughs and pulls me away to a hill. She says, "Let's watch the sunset." This is where the 2nd dream starts....

Dream 2 – Susie leads me to the top of a hill that overlooks a vast city. We hold hands and enjoy the sunset. Suddenly a helicopter appears in the distance and it is flying very erratically. I point it out to Susie and say, "Oh no, I hope it isn't malfunctioning." Then we notice a small sphere of light flying around the helicopter. Then there are two lights around the helicopter. In that moment, I realize that the two lights are UFOs. I had grown up in a household that believes in UFOs and aliens, but Susie had not.  I turned to her and said, "Honey, I know this is going to sound very scary, but I think those are UFOs." Sure enough, Susie tenses up, horrified. I hold her shoulders and look into her eyes, "Please do what I do and follow my lead. Everything is going to be okay." My calm energy is startling to her, because usually I am very silly. She says, "What's happening?" That's when hundreds of UFOs enter the sky and cover the entire city. There are even a few directly on top of us. 

Francine finally gets it.  Within the planet-earth reality that Ruthie exposed her daughter too, enough subliminal information affected Francine which prepared her for the existence of other realities and other species of living souls.  The dust covering the earth-reality kitchen suggests that we “leave” earth-reality existence during sleep when our consciousness becomes focused on alternate realities.  This is why many of us often have “weird” dreams of other lives and worlds.  The "resort" Francine finds in this environment refers to the fact that, as many whistle-blowers have been claiming for years, many countries on Earth have already established bases on the moon and other planets and galaxies.  (NOTE:  The "Star Gate" TV series is not just Sci-Fi make-believe... it is REAL!  There are many shows on the GAIA website which addresses this disclosure.)  The elite "hidden" government who have created the off-planet resorts don't want us normal earth people to know about these bases.

I look around the forest area and see dozens of people screaming and running into the forest. I see my Mom calmly collecting a group of people saying something like, "Alright everyone, we knew this would happen. Please stay with me. Stay calm. It will be alright." I say to Susie, "Please please please stay with me. If you don't see where I am, find my Mom. We are not afraid of this and know what to do. I know that this is scary and you are worried about your family, but please stay in this moment and stay calm right now." Susie calms herself and nods. I take her hand and lead her back down the hill where people are either freaking out, excited and happy, or completely unfazed. I see that chalk lines have been drawn on the road and realize that we are all to line up. I pull Susie into my line but an unseen force pushes her into a different line a few hundred feet away. She resists the force and tries to grab my hand. I smile and say, "Please breathe, stay calm, and keep me in your sight. Go where the force is taking you, and if you can't see me, look for my Mom. I will come find you." She nods and gets pulled away by the force.

While I stand in my line, I have a gut instinct that I don't need to stay in the line, so I jump to a different one. At this point, no aliens have made their presence known. People are acting based on unseen forces and whispering voices. I somehow understand everything and navigate with ease. I am standing in the far-left line of 4 lines drawn about 7 feet apart. As people stand in line, they don't understand how they knew to line up. I get behind a group of stereotypical "redneck hillbillies" and listen in on their conversation. One of the rednecks says, "Yeah, I knew this was comin'. I'm so god damn excited, I want to meet an alien really badly. I want to see their faces and ask 'em questions!" Another redneck says, "One of these fuckers tried to get into my laundry room last night, so I clocked the bitch and broke my knuckle!" Another redneck said, "That's bullshit. You ain't never seen no aliens. You know they ain't here to harm us. They're just studying and shit." I was shocked and impressed at how calmly they discussed aliens.  I decided to keep note of them in case I wanted to team up with them later to create a plan for something, since they know a lot.

Just the ”idea” of NT’s will scare many people into hiding in the forest, where their personal belief systems are sheltered and can be protected.  Others have instinctively “known” all along and take the event in stride.  Still others are curious enough to stay to find out what’s going to happen next.  The chalk lines in the dirt organize the different levels of acceptance and belief individuals have reached in this earth-reality lifetime.  Francine belongs on a different line than Susie, because she not only accepts NT’s as real and valid to our reality, but because, with the help of her mother, who already accepted NT existence, she is prepared for the revelation.  In fact, Francine doesn't need to be in any line because she is meant to lead others (including Susie, her wife) into an ultimate acceptance and belief of the phenomenon.   Her mother is a leader of leaders, teaching others how to lead their own personal groups into calm acceptance.  Ruthie’s very presence in her daughter’s life has prepared Francine for this role.

I jump into a different line and go to the back where I see a group of stereotypical "millennials" stare at their phones and take selfies while standing in line. I am so disgusted by their lack of interest and ignorance, I immediately jump to a different line. I am now in the far-right line and jump up and down to look for my wife. I see her in the distance near my Mom talking to people and processing her anxiety. I am glad that she isn't internalizing it. Suddenly, a red plastic fish decoration that was on someone's front yard runs past me, animated as if it were real. I know in this exact moment that the alien forces are testing us to gauge our level of fear regarding their abilities and technology. I look around at people's reactions to this plastic fish using its plastic fins to run and see a few dozen people scream and run into the forest. There were about 200 people in the lines and now there's about 150. I feel sad knowing that people's fears of the unknown will prevent them from speaking with the aliens and receiving their important message. 

I jump to the line on the far left, where I originally was next to the hillbillies and move to the very front. At this point, a small red metal vehicle (like a narrow Smart Car) zooms straight towards me as if it’s going to crush everyone in the line. I knew that this was another test and didn't budge, while a few more dozen people ran into the forest screaming. I watch them run and say, "Fuck. Can't these people see that we're just being tested? They have no intent to hurt us. Their powers are beyond our understanding and they could crush us in a second if they wanted to." A little boy, about 8 years old, overhears me. He is sitting on a railing next to the road (with a bunch of other kids) and stares at me in shock. He whispers to me, "You know! You know what's going on. You know who these things are. You need to help us." I smile at him and place my finger to my mouth to say, "Shhhh." Just then, something that looks like a human appears from around the corner wearing a yellow skirt and a red tank top. Its face looks like a squirrel with big eyes and teeth, but it has skin on its body and face like a human. Once again, I know this is a test and stay calm, but people in line see it and run into the forest screaming. At this point, there are only about 75 people in my lines. The squirrel person talks like the cartoon Goofy and walks strangely with jerky moves. It says, "Why, hello everybody? How are ya doin'? It sure is nice to see you all." The squirrel person walks past the little boy I spoke to, and I see the little boy take a steak knife out of his pocket. The little boy looks at me and asks permission to stab the squirrel person in the back of the neck with the knife. I make a very stern face and motion for him to put that knife away. I say just loud enough for the boy to hear me, "Do not hurt it. This is just one of many and you will not be helping anything. Put that away now." The little boy frowns but puts the knife away. 

Francine’s role will not only be to recognize the people who will help her accomplish her goal of acclimating frightened humans, but to recognize “tests” and guide people through them, and even persuade those who immediately translate their fear into a violent reaction.  In addition, one of the methods by which the NT’s want us to accept them is through comedy.  They’re willing to act silly to dissipate a fearful response.  The squirrel face is meant to ease us into accepting that hominids with animal faces do exist on other planets and galaxies.   Some of them came to planet earth long ago and lived with us.  Humans treated them as gods but they were actually just from an advanced civilization from other planets.  Note the animal-headed creatures depicted on ancient Egyptian ruins and in other cultures throughout the world.

As the squirrel person moves up and down the line, people either run away or just stare at it. At this point, I see that other lines are merging with ours, so I quickly locate Susie, whose line is moving towards mine, and I wave at her. She still looks terrified, but she waves back. She is holding hands with other women who also look scared. As her line moves next to mine, I jump into it and hug her. She says, "I saw your Mom. She is leading people calmly out of the woods. She is helping them find their lines." I said, "Great! How are you?" On the verge of tears, my wife starts shaking, "I'm worried about my mom and my brother." I calmly rub her arms up and down. I look her in the eyes and say softly, "Susie, worrying about your family is natural and very appropriate. I’m sure that at this exact moment they’re worrying about you, too." She nods her head hopefully. I continue, "They are going to be okay. The aliens aren’t here to hurt us. It’s okay to be scared, but we can’t be hateful or foolish. Your family is none of those things. Susie, I need you to put your strong persona on and help those around you. You’re a strong leader, and you have me by your side. People who trust you need that part of you that’s strong, full of faith, and full of positivity. Please help me keep people calm. I know you can do this." After a moment, Susie nods and smiles.  Dream ends.

I felt goose pimples all over my body at the end of reading Francine’s dream.  What a magnificent prophetic story.  There are now hundreds of internet “disclosure” revelations that NT’s are on the verge of revealing themselves.  There are rumors that they will begin to prepare us by coming to us in dreams. 

Francine, you have just received such a dream!  God bless you for allowing me to share your dream with others. 

I wish my blog-followers a dream experience as comforting and revealing as this.  Above all, PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR INSTINCTS.  There are still “negative” NT’s out there who don’t want us to evolve and interact with the good guys.  It helps their agenda to keep humanity in fear, because they can control us better.  TRUST YOUR INNER TRUTH.

Thursday, November 9, 2017


Joella sent me this one from Colorado:

I’m outside and it’s cold.  As I look up, I notice that it’s starting to snow.  It’s not heavy snow so I can still sort of see individual snowflakes slowly falling down from the sky.  I have a few friends with me, and there are other people outside.  Most of us are wearing black clothing.  I open my mouth and some of the snowflakes come into my mouth.  The snowflakes get fatter.  In the distance, I see a tunnel, and I decide to see where it leads.

A friend comes with me and as we near the end of the tunnel, we notice that it’s snowing at this end too, but something’s not right.  As I exit and look at the snowflakes I notice they’re not real… they’re plastic.  I decide I don’t want to stay there, and so we go back through the tunnel. When we exit back to where we were before, we stop at the edge of the tunnel and I notice the snowflakes have gotten larger.  In fact, as I stand there, the snowflakes keep getting larger and larger so that I even see the patterns of each one.  They’re each unique and very beautiful.    Beyond where I stand, I see other people in the distance also admiring the snowflakes.  That’s the dream.

I thought this was a beautiful dream, and I immediately got a sense of what Joella’s psyche was trying to tell her.  First, I had to ask Joella some questions:

1)     Has she recently experienced a setback, one which might have caused deep wounds and even depression?  She admitted she had just gotten out of a very hurtful relationship.
2)    Has she been seeing a therapist?  Again, she admitted she’d been seeing one since the breakup with her boyfriend.
3)    How soon after the event did she begin to see the therapist??  She replied that it took a few months.  For a long time, she couldn’t even bear to think about what had happened to her, because it hurt too much.
4)    Is this the first time she has experienced a romantic relationship like this?  It turns out her previous relationships ended on a similar note.

Her answers confirmed what I sensed about this dream.  The most important element are the snowflakes.  If Joella’s environment had been hot and fiery, I would say to her that she’s in a very emotional state, filled with pain, anger and hatred about something.  The fact that her environment is cold suggests the opposite.  The falling snowflakes suggests her thought patterns.  She is currently in a very cool, calm and rational state of mind.

So why would her psyche send her this dream at all?  The answer is that she is seeking assurance that she has indeed recovered from an event which caused her deep pain.  The friends who are with her are the ones who have supported her through this process and those who have experienced similar events.  The “friend” who goes into the tunnel with her is someone who has consciously chosen to traverse through the dark shadows of the soul with her in order to help her find clarity.

There are few people who will immediately enter the tunnel in her dream, because it means re-living all the ugly facts of the breakup.  When we are in pain, we generate a lot of self-recrimination.  We ask ourselves, “Am I such a horrible person that I deserve to be treated this way?”  “What’s wrong with me?”  “Am I so stupid that I could love a man who would abuse me?”

It takes courage to enter that dark tunnel and confront the shadows within.  The wonderful thing is that, having chosen to make that journey of the soul, at the end of it, Joella recognizes that the place to where the tunnel leads is “plastic.”  Unlike snowflakes, “plastic” is artificial and man-made.  Ideas of low self-worth and of being “stupid” are “plastic” ideas.  They are not the real “truth.”  They are thoughts which are manufactured by someone who is in a serious state of self-negation.

When Joella takes a snowflake into her mouth, she is agreeing to experience coolness… rationality.   Going through the tunnel is the process of integrating that coolness into her system.  This dream is showing Joella that she has made her way back out of that dark tunnel.  It’s behind her now, and the most beautiful thing is that she now also recognizes her behavior PATTERNS.  Everyday friends and family members can provide therapy, but a certified therapist is trained to help a client see the patterns of repeated bad experiences.  Not only was Joella courageous, she was smart.  She knew she needed help and she got it. 
Her psyche was sending her a message, “Look at you, girl!  You’ve been through a dark journey and now your mind is so cool and clear you can even see the beautiful patterns of your life.”

Some of you might disagree, but, to me, life is about experience.  It’s a journey over bridges and under tunnels, through deserts and snowstorms, but if at the end of your journey you can appreciate the beautiful patterns which affect the very air you breathe, you’ve fulfilled your divine purpose.

Happy snowflakes to each and every one of you!  

Wednesday, October 4, 2017


This one is from Anna in Wyoming.  She warned me that it’s pretty violent and she says she rarely has violent dreams.  She could never be violent like this in real life.

I’m at my apartment.  My wife isn’t home.  Two intruders break in.  They push two women inside my apartment with me.  They’re armed and dangerous.  I try to stay calm so I don’t trigger any violence from the guys.  While Intruder #2 watches the other two women, Intruder #1 hands us a paper with letters and numbers on them.  He doesn’t explain anything or even what the numbers and letters are.   He just tells us to decode it and we have 3 hours to decipher what those letters and numbers mean.

Our psyches want to wake us up as to what’s happening in our lives.  Sometimes there are heavy-duty feelings going on which we brush away.  There are signs around us which we ignore because we just don’t want to deal with problems or issues.   This dream comes to Anna because she needs to pay attention to an issue in her life.  The violence in the dream is a very strong signal that there’s something serious she needs to address.

I’m thinking there’s an issue at work which ultimately affects her home life, which is why the scenario is her apartment.  I’m thinking this is work because she’s asked to decipher letters and numbers with two other women, an activity one does at work rather than at home.  The fact that her wife isn’t home suggests that it’s a personal issue for her and her wife doesn’t factor into the ultimate choices she has to make to correct this problem.  She has to live with it herself.

It sounds like the issue at work relates to men bullying certain women (the dreamer plus two others) to do the actual hard work while they luxuriate in less challenging work (baths and TV).  In general, “bosses” relegate because they have more important things to do, but it sounds like that isn’t the case here.  It isn’t as if Intruder #1 is engaged in more important work (unless he’s really really dirty).  In fact, since he is taking a bath, the implication is that he is indeed “dirty,” but he has the means to “wash away” any wrongdoing which might otherwise make him feel guilty.  He has found a way to “justify” to himself his unfair bullying of women.  After all, he doesn’t bully the man in this scenario.

If all they’re gonna do is threaten us, I can deal with that.  But now they want us women to decode some kind of secret message.  For all I know, it’s a recipe to make a bomb or something, so I decide I don’t want to do it.  I decide I’m going to eliminate the problem.  It’s my apartment so I know there’s something I can use as a weapon.  For weapons all I had were the knives in the kitchen I use for cooking.  I really don’t want to stab anyone because it gets bloody.

Under my bed is a metallic bat.  By now, the guys think they’ve got us in control, so Intruder #1 is in the bathroom taking a bath in the tub.  Intruder #2 is in the living room with us watching TV, keeping an eye on us as we decode the message.  I sneak away and get the bat and return to conk #2 unconscious.  Then I go into the bathroom and start bashing at #1’s head.  As he curls up his body to protect himself, I see his testicles and hit at them too.  Now he’s unconscious.  I don’t know if he’s dead or not.

It sounds as if it were just rude words or insulting innuendoes Anna can take it.  However, when it comes to doing the actual work and the male boss doesn’t even respect the women enough to explain it, that’s something else.  It’s no longer personal, but business.  Anna doesn’t like that.  She’s not going to “stab” the man in the back (i.e., go behind his back and tattle on him to a superior).  She’s going to handle it herself.  It’s her apartment, which suggests the work is in her field of expertise, and that she's "at home" with what she does at work.  Her knowledge and expertise create a weapon (the bat) which she can use to bash his head (screw up his thinking).  For instance, she might point out the discrepancies in his work which would make it impossible for her and the two other women to do their work. 

When he curls up his body to protect himself, exposing his sexist male attitudes (he might taunt her that she’s being bitchy because she’s on her period), she bashes that too.

Anna, if this were all, I would say, “Go, girl!  Defend yourself before things get worse.”  However, we have to consider the rest of the dream.

I run to the phone and call 911 and explain there’s a man in my tub and I don’t know if he’s dead or just unconscious.  When I give the address to the woman who answers, she tells me someone else has already called and an ambulance is on the way.  I’m surprised because no one else is in the house.  But I hang up and check it out.  Sure enough, there’s a woman in the second bedroom.  Apparently, my wife and I had rented that extra room out to one of my wife’s friends, Bev.

In real life, Bev is a therapist.  In the dream, she admits that she came home hours earlier.  She thought there were weird things going on.  She felt it wasn’t her place to intrude, but she did call 911.  I tell her about what I’ve done, and she assures me the police and an ambulance are already on their way.  She calmly asks me questions the way a therapist would.

This adds to the previous message.  There are other ways her psyche could have guided Anna on how to resolve her issues.  Maybe she could have tied up the two intruders and then called in the police to handle it.  Instead, she gets pretty violent.  Anna swears she isn’t violent in awake life.   So her psyche is telling her something.  Maybe she tends to over-react.  Maybe she sees sexist attitudes as a judgment on her being in a gay marriage, and that really pisses her off.

Now comes the message about the renter, Bev the therapist.  She rents the extra bedroom to a friend of her wife’s.  Her psyche is telling her there is a possibility that her wife’s friend has noticed Anna overreacting in some situations in real life.  Maybe she suspects Anna needs therapeutic help.  There is also a message symbolized by the 911 woman already having been notified.

If indeed I’ve interpreted the dream accurately so far, then it follows that a woman in high authority already knows about the sexist bullying occurring at her place of work.  She has already set some corrective measures in place.

At this point, Anna can set aside the bullying problem and focus on herself.  She needs to ask herself if she overreacts sometimes to men who tend to be sexist… and if her anger pushes her to the point of literally wanting to “bash” their heads in.  Her psyche says this might be the case. 

Anna, I would say to you that anger which isn’t expressed builds up until it becomes violent expression.  Don’t let this happen to you.   Why should you ignore rude and insulting behavior just to avoid confrontation.  Why not say, “Hey, Jake, it’s a free country and you can say what you want whenever you want.  Just take note I don’t like or appreciate what you just said.”  Spoken in a calm, non-threatening way, this is absolutely appropriate.  If you need to talk to a therapist to help you process your hidden frustrations, that’s a wise decision to make and nothing to be ashamed of.

Snoozle on it, Anna, and wishing you happier dreams ahead.

Friday, August 11, 2017


This one is from Grace in North Dakota:

I’m dreaming about my eyebrows.  I have light eyebrows and tend to fill them in with brow pencil.  The eyebrow over my right eye is done and looks good.  It’s curved and nicely shaped.  As I work on the eyebrow over my left eye, my hands aren’t too steady and the shape goes out of whack.  The shape is all wrong, angular and crooked and lacking any grace.  I wake up, wondering if eyebrows have a meaning in dreams.

A short and sweet dream but still filled with meaning.

Among the many metaphysical books I’ve studied, one was about facial symbolism as investigated by the Chinese.  The shape of the face, the mouth, nose and eyes, the appearance of moles in certain locations of the face, the groove under the nose, the nostrils, fa-ling lines (curves from edge of nose to around mouth)… all these depict an aspect of a person’s character.

Eyes of course are traditionally the gates which allow perceptions to enter so that the mind can act upon what the eyes see.  Then we react to whatever comes into the gates of our mind.  Our beliefs and attitudes trigger reactions, thoughts and feelings about what we perceive.

So what do eyebrows mean?  If the hair on one’s head symbolize the thoughts which the mind creates, then eyebrows are the ideas and beliefs which protect and enhance what one sees. 

Now we also have to factor in the right side of the face vs. the left side.  The right brain expresses on the left side of the body, which physically manifest the abstract, spiritual and emotional aspects of ourselves.  The left brain expresses on the right side of our body, which manifests as rational, logical and mathematical type of thinking.

Factoring all these things in, I suggested to Grace that since her right brow, which protects and “oversees” her right eye is well formed, she has found a nice balance in how she views and reacts to life in abstract, spiritual and emotional ways.  If someone insults her or gives her the finger or anything like that, she is able to gracefully process that fact emotionally and spiritually.  At the same time, her rational thinking (left eyebrow) about that event would be erratic and imbalanced. Using this example, her emotions would be balanced about the insult.  She would assure herself that it’s not worth getting upset about.  It’s a free country and people can say and do whatever they want.  She wouldn’t go into rage mode and attack the offender in retaliation.

However, the thoughts that are trying to rationalize (left eyebrow) the situation are askew and ill-shaped.  While she’s got her emotions in control, she’s also thinking, “What did I do to this person that they hate me?  Did I make a mistake in something I said or did which makes them react this way?  IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH ME?”

The mathematical formula Grace is using in dealing with events in her life does not add up.  A person’s reaction to her or how that person treats her may not necessarily be about herself.  Rather, it could just as easily be because the flaw exists in the other person who is acting in a way not rationally balanced.

My suggestion to Grace is that she hold her head up, suck in her gut and try to reshape that left eyebrow.  Start from scratch.  Wash away the brow pencil’s marks.  Grace, your psyche is telling you that you are misapplying belief systems ABOUT YOURSELF which are not true to your nature.  Do you believe that you’re weak?  That your character is flawed?  That you simply cannot discern truth when it’s intermixed with lies?   Take time to reassess yourself.  Maybe there’s nothing wrong with you at all.  Consider that the flaw is in the other people who treat you because of their own hangups and delusions. 

If you have made decisions which you now realize were mistakes, don’t be so hard on yourself.  You’re human.  That means failure and mistakes are a necessary process to achieve balance and grace.

Happy snoozling, Grace, and to everyone else out there reading these dream interpretations.  All is well with the world.

Saturday, June 10, 2017


This one is from Malinda in Washington:

I’m in an underground garage with four of my friends.  Three of them aren’t clear to me, but this one friend, Rachel, has a strong presence.  I’ve known her a long time and she’s a tough cookie.  Her background is an interesting one.  Her family had a strong commitment to a political ideal in her native country and were in disagreement with the current government.  Her family was ultimately granted asylum in England and that’s where she lived for many years before I met her in Oregon where she ended up after her parents passed away.

We worked together for nine years and then I moved to Washington.  The thing that impressed me about Rachel is that she understood politics and diplomacy and such things.  Whatever the situation we found ourselves in, she would tell me what was REALLY going on and the underlying agenda beneath the event.  By the time I had this dream, while we were in touch, I hadn’t seen her in years.

Apparently, we were going to watch some kind of event in a large stadium.  I’m not sure if it was a rock group performing or some other type of event.  We five had come together in one car and were meeting some other friends at the event.  None of us was sure where our seats were, so we decided to split up into two groups to look for it.  The three others took off on their own search.

Rachel and I enter the stadium and there aren’t many people in their seats yet.  I follow Rachel as she leads me to where she thinks our seats are.  That’s where the dream ends.

This is a very interesting dream.  Several things are significant in the apparent message to dreamer Malinda.  First, the fact that her friend Rachel understands political thinking comes to attention.  Second, the fact that Rachel (not Malinda the dreamer) is the evident leader is important.

Generally, people become friends because there is a resonant aspect in common between them.  They act as mirrors to each other.  Opposites often attract because we often suppress a characteristic which is dominant in the other person.  In this case, I suspect Malinda doesn’t like to manipulate people or even be a leader.  Manipulation is inherent in “political” thinking.  One says and acts in ways which inspire and create followers.  A politician is nothing without his constituency.  Unfortunately, this often requires manipulation of people, facts and events.  It’s simply an aspect of leadership, and apparently Malinda’s friend Rachel is very good at this.

I suspect Malinda is in a situation (or soon will be) where she will be required to think politically.  She has the capacity, or she wouldn’t have been able to understand and appreciate Rachel and her skills.  This dream is telling Malinda that she is about to experience a life situation (event) where she needs to apply Rachel’s skills of perception and insight in order to accomplish her personal goals.  It might require manipulating circumstances or people to her advantage.  An owner of a business, a boss, a team manager – all these situations require a leader who’s willing to do what it takes to make a success of their joint enterprise.  Because she enters the stadium and is ready to find her seat, she has already committed to entering the arena where this “event” takes place.

Maybe Malinda will be promoted to a leadership position.  Or she is asked to direct a movie or take an important role in a big business.  Or, she’s about to be made a team leader of some project.  This dream, in essence, is Malinda’s psyche showing her a mirror of those skills which she has submerged for whatever reason.  She needs to bring those skills to the surface and integrate them into herself, and hopefully, accomplish that without losing the essence of her true Malinda self.

Did she initially submerge those skills because she’s afraid to be judged and criticized by others?  Or perhaps because she will be forced to make decisions which don’t appeal to her?  Or because she will have to be aggressive and forceful when she doesn’t want to be?  Leadership is not about you personally.  It’s more about being of service to those who follow you.

My suggestion, Malinda, is that you trust yourself.  Be true to the dictates of your soul truth, and you will not transgress beyond the boundaries of service to humanity.

Actually, that sounds like a good idea for the rest of us.  I’m going to snoozle on that.  Happy snoozlings to all you others out there.

Saturday, April 15, 2017


Rebecca from Maine sent me this dream:

I’m in Italy with some of my co-workers and we’re walking along the main grounds leading to a museum.  There’s a landscaped area of tall grass and flowering bushes which separates where we are from this beautiful fountain in front of the museum.  A walkway leads from our position and curves around the landscaped area at the fountain. I want to get a closer look at the fountain and I decide to cut through the tall grass.

One of my friends shouts out to me, “Be careful.  There are probably snakes in the grass.”  I go traipsing through the underbrush to reach the fountain.  Sure enough there’s a snake and it starts to crawl up inside my jeans, up my leg.  It bites me a few times and I grab the tail and yank it out and smash its head on the ground.  When it’s dead, I unzip my pants and pull it down.  There are about 10 bites along my leg and thigh.

People are watching and an Italian guy comes running into the grass shouting, “Call 911!”  The guy reaches me, pats my head and tells me in Italian, “Relax, it’s not a poisonous snake.  You’ll be all right.”  I get dizzy and pass out.  After a while, I regain consciousness in the dream and I feel fine.  Someone has pulled my jeans back on, and I’m in front of the fountain surrounded by my co-workers.  Some of them disapprove of what I did and give me dirty looks.  Others admire my courage.

This is definitely a work-related dream.  The fact that Rebecca and her co-workers are in Italy in this dream suggests that this is regarding a new project they’ll be working on, or an assignment which is somewhat “foreign” to them.

They know their goal, however, even if they’re not necessarily familiar with all the elements of it. Research (museum) will be required.  The end result can be beautiful and very emotionally satisfying (fountain).

Rebecca is a bit of a risk-taker.  Apparently there is a traditional pathway to reach their goal, but she likes short-cuts.  Apparently, she’s going to take a short-cut to accomplish her share of the work.  While the snake in the grass can symbolize someone in the group who sabotages her progress, it can also symbolize an aspect of herself which slows down her forward momentum.

Rebecca, I would ask you:

1)     Do you sometimes get frustrated with the time element of completing a project?
2)    Are you willing to sabotage teamwork progress in order to prove yourself a better worker than those around you?
3)    Do you often make decisions and “lead” others in ways which are beyond the “scope” of your job?

The fact that she pulls the snake out, kills it, discovers the “bites” and survives a non-toxic situation suggests she’ll ultimately triumph and reach her objective.  Since it’s an Italian who runs to rescue and comfort her, she can expect support to come from an “outside” source.  Meanwhile, her co-workers will have mixed feelings about her.

This is both a reassuring dream and a warning dream.  It reassures Rebecca she and her team will achieve their goal, despite some eventful dramas.  It also warns Rebecca that she needs to re-evaluate her role as a team player.  Is it really a good idea to go off “solo” in a rush to reach a goal?

Sunday, March 19, 2017


Leonard from New Jersey couldn’t make sense of his dream so he sent me an email:

My best friend, Stallone, and I are playing basketball, sort of competitive with each other. It’s fun and we’re getting a good workout.  We’re always trying to take the ball from each other so we’re colliding and hitting against each other.  At some point we hit against each other so hard he breaks a comb I’ve got in my pocket.  I take it out and at first, I’m pissed, but it’s just a comb and it’s no big deal, so it’s all good.  Next scene, maybe a few months after the game, my friend casually takes out a new comb and hands it to me.  Says it’s to replace the one he broke.  I take it and it feels good he remembered.

A best friend is “best” because you enjoy his/her companionship, you really get along well, and you trust him/her.  It’s fun to hang out with such a friend because you have a good time, no matter what.  And, finally, you trust this best friend to understand the way you think and feel about things.  Of course, it usually gets competitive.  That’s part of the fun.

In this dream, there is an important clue, however.  The comb provides that clue.  A comb is used to “straighten out” and “style” your hair.  In dreams, the state of your hair reflects the way you think and the style reflects how those thoughts are expressed to the world.  Because Leonard’s best friend breaks his comb, the warning in this dream is that one of the games his best friend likes to play with him is “mind” games.  Breaking that comb suggests the best friend has no problem lying and deceiving him.  Maybe it’s a prank and for fun, or maybe it’s because he’s worried the “truth” might alienate Leonard. 

In any event, Leonard’s psyche is warning him of a characteristic his friend possesses.  After all, what may be a “funny” prank to his best friend might ultimately be hurtful or upsetting to Leonard himself.

Because Stallone replaces the broken comb, the “best” message in this dream is that Leonard’s best friend will always find a way to somehow “straighten out” any misunderstanding or breach caused by his untruthful communication.

Happy snoozzles tonight, everyone!