Saturday, April 15, 2017


Rebecca from Maine sent me this dream:

I’m in Italy with some of my co-workers and we’re walking along the main grounds leading to a museum.  There’s a landscaped area of tall grass and flowering bushes which separates where we are from this beautiful fountain in front of the museum.  A walkway leads from our position and curves around the landscaped area at the fountain. I want to get a closer look at the fountain and I decide to cut through the tall grass.

One of my friends shouts out to me, “Be careful.  There are probably snakes in the grass.”  I go traipsing through the underbrush to reach the fountain.  Sure enough there’s a snake and it starts to crawl up inside my jeans, up my leg.  It bites me a few times and I grab the tail and yank it out and smash its head on the ground.  When it’s dead, I unzip my pants and pull it down.  There are about 10 bites along my leg and thigh.

People are watching and an Italian guy comes running into the grass shouting, “Call 911!”  The guy reaches me, pats my head and tells me in Italian, “Relax, it’s not a poisonous snake.  You’ll be all right.”  I get dizzy and pass out.  After a while, I regain consciousness in the dream and I feel fine.  Someone has pulled my jeans back on, and I’m in front of the fountain surrounded by my co-workers.  Some of them disapprove of what I did and give me dirty looks.  Others admire my courage.

This is definitely a work-related dream.  The fact that Rebecca and her co-workers are in Italy in this dream suggests that this is regarding a new project they’ll be working on, or an assignment which is somewhat “foreign” to them.

They know their goal, however, even if they’re not necessarily familiar with all the elements of it. Research (museum) will be required.  The end result can be beautiful and very emotionally satisfying (fountain).

Rebecca is a bit of a risk-taker.  Apparently there is a traditional pathway to reach their goal, but she likes short-cuts.  Apparently, she’s going to take a short-cut to accomplish her share of the work.  While the snake in the grass can symbolize someone in the group who sabotages her progress, it can also symbolize an aspect of herself which slows down her forward momentum.

Rebecca, I would ask you:

1)     Do you sometimes get frustrated with the time element of completing a project?
2)    Are you willing to sabotage teamwork progress in order to prove yourself a better worker than those around you?
3)    Do you often make decisions and “lead” others in ways which are beyond the “scope” of your job?

The fact that she pulls the snake out, kills it, discovers the “bites” and survives a non-toxic situation suggests she’ll ultimately triumph and reach her objective.  Since it’s an Italian who runs to rescue and comfort her, she can expect support to come from an “outside” source.  Meanwhile, her co-workers will have mixed feelings about her.

This is both a reassuring dream and a warning dream.  It reassures Rebecca she and her team will achieve their goal, despite some eventful dramas.  It also warns Rebecca that she needs to re-evaluate her role as a team player.  Is it really a good idea to go off “solo” in a rush to reach a goal?

Sunday, March 19, 2017


Leonard from New Jersey couldn’t make sense of his dream so he sent me an email:

My best friend, Stallone, and I are playing basketball, sort of competitive with each other. It’s fun and we’re getting a good workout.  We’re always trying to take the ball from each other so we’re colliding and hitting against each other.  At some point we hit against each other so hard he breaks a comb I’ve got in my pocket.  I take it out and at first, I’m pissed, but it’s just a comb and it’s no big deal, so it’s all good.  Next scene, maybe a few months after the game, my friend casually takes out a new comb and hands it to me.  Says it’s to replace the one he broke.  I take it and it feels good he remembered.

A best friend is “best” because you enjoy his/her companionship, you really get along well, and you trust him/her.  It’s fun to hang out with such a friend because you have a good time, no matter what.  And, finally, you trust this best friend to understand the way you think and feel about things.  Of course, it usually gets competitive.  That’s part of the fun.

In this dream, there is an important clue, however.  The comb provides that clue.  A comb is used to “straighten out” and “style” your hair.  In dreams, the state of your hair reflects the way you think and the style reflects how those thoughts are expressed to the world.  Because Leonard’s best friend breaks his comb, the warning in this dream is that one of the games his best friend likes to play with him is “mind” games.  Breaking that comb suggests the best friend has no problem lying and deceiving him.  Maybe it’s a prank and for fun, or maybe it’s because he’s worried the “truth” might alienate Leonard. 

In any event, Leonard’s psyche is warning him of a characteristic his friend possesses.  After all, what may be a “funny” prank to his best friend might ultimately be hurtful or upsetting to Leonard himself.

Because Stallone replaces the broken comb, the “best” message in this dream is that Leonard’s best friend will always find a way to somehow “straighten out” any misunderstanding or breach caused by his untruthful communication.

Happy snoozzles tonight, everyone! 

Saturday, January 14, 2017


Ruth from North Dakota sent this dream to me for interpretation:

I’m at a work event, and I’m puzzled.  I’m hanging out at a previous work place and not my current work place.   The workers are talking to each other and once  in a while, someone nods at me or greets me, but I’m no longer really one of them because I’ve moved on to a different job.  Then my current boss walks into the room, and I’m surprised.  I think, “What’s he doing here in my old workplace?”  He and some of the others exchange greetings, but that’s it.  He sees me and comes up to me and I’m still wondering why he’s at this workplace.  He says, “C’mon, let’s get some yogurt.”  We go into the kitchen and he opens the fridge and takes out two yogurts and gives one to me.  We sit down and eat our yogurts.  I’m wondering why everyone seems to know him and accept him as part of the workplace.

 Before trying to interpret the dream, I had to ask Ruth a few questions:  (1) Are you considering “moving on” from your current work situation… maybe even harboring regret at leaving an “old” workplace behind?  (2)  Is there a chance your new workplace is being bought out by a larger company?

She answered:  (1)  Yes, I’ve been unhappy with my current situation and sending my resume around.  In fact, I’ve considered reapplying to an old workplace.  (2) Yes, my current company is merging into a bigger one.

Okay.   Here’s the interp:  Since she’s sending her resume around, her spirit and commitment have already withdrawn from the current environment of her current workplace.  She no longer feels close to her co-workers which is why she feels distant from them. 

Then her “current” boss enters the picture and is recognized by the “old” co-workers.  Not only that, he’s familiar with the rules and routine of the “old” workplace.  The fact that he removes her from the “old” environment and gives her yogurt is significant.  Her psyche is sending her a message that her boss knows about her dissatisfaction in the current assignment and he plans to move her to a new assignment.

Since it’s an “old” workplace they’re leaving behind BUT WITHIN THE SAME BUILDING with established routines (free yogurt in the fridge for all employees), Ruth’s dream suggests that the merger will indeed succeed, and her boss has already considered her role in the work structure of the new merged  company.

Not only that, the fact that his act of reassurance is giving her yogurt, he intends to nourish her in the new merged environment.

ADDENDUM:  Ruth emailed me back after I sent her the dream.  She thanked me profusely, admitting that while she wasn’t happy in her latest assignment at work, she really liked and respected her boss.  She’s decided to hang in until after the merger.

Thursday, December 8, 2016


This dream was sent by Ernie from Wisconsin:

I just had a really weird dream about Tony, my stepfather.  We were living together and he was really frustrated with something.  I think it was partially because the place was a mess… it was extremely messy.  Even for me.  It reminded me of how this hoarder I knew used to live.  And one day we were outside and I asked Tony why he was mad, and he just picked up this weed off the ground.  It was the size of a silver dollar had one main stem that turned into 3 stems.  Each stem had only 2 leaves, kinda resembling a clover.  And he picked up the weed and just gave me this angry look, like “what the fuck are these doing here?”  And that was it.  He went back to the house and my dream ended.

Okay, so we all know what “weed” is, right?  We also know the difference between a regular father and a “stepfather.”

So I would postulate certain things and suggest Ernie consider the answers to my questions carefully.

(1)   I assume you no longer live with Tony.  While you did live with him, was he stern with you, taking his role as a responsible parent seriously?  Did he try to guide you on sensible habits, like keeping your room neat and clean?  Maybe you resented his treatment because he wasn’t your “real” father?  Did he try to guide your moral compass… the difference between right and wrong?  By the language he used in asking you about the weed, was he overly intense and challenging?

(2)  In your current lifestyle, are you perhaps indulging in something which could lead to some type of addiction?  (Keep in mind, even acceptable things like coffee, cigarettes and alcohol are addictive.) Perhaps at the stage you’re in, it’s not yet addictive, but it could LEAD to addiction.  This is suggested by the fact the weed is the size of a silver dollar and “stems” into other things.  It could even be cheap (silver dollar) and something you think is “lucky” for you to take (clover).  Gambling fits into that category.  Nowadays they have penny machines.  Re the stems, "3" in Numerology stands for "making others happy" and "2" is "partnership."  Are you indulging primarily just to make others comfortable around you?  Group indulgence can turn to "partnership" indulgence (just making one other person happy) and before you know it you're hooked all by yourself.

Perhaps Tony was not an ideal father for you.  Perhaps his attitude and approach were not appropriate for the kind of person you are.  Perhaps you needed a kinder, more affirmative type of father.  If you can find a way to overlook his “manner” and focus only on the message, aren’t they positive messages which will guide you to a healthier type of life?  Clean rooms are nice and living an addicted-free life is good.

Perhaps this dream comes to you now because it’s time for you to rethink your views of a man who only wanted “good” things for you, but who didn’t have the skills to present his ideas in a way acceptable to you.  Your psyche is using circumstances in your life to send you this dream for two reasons.  The first is to warn you about your current habits.  The second reason is to suggest you do some re-evaluating about your stepfather, Tony. 

This was a great guidance dream, Ernie.  Wishing you many more constructive snoozles ahead.

Thursday, October 27, 2016


This one is from Sandra who resides in Honolulu:

 I’m at a work event.  My boss and co-workers are there and we’re gathered for a group photo.  There are probably about 50 of us.  I’m having fun, being sassy and obnoxious to everyone.  My jeans are too tight and uncomfortable and I happen to have PJ’s in my backpack.  I decide to change my jeans to PJ pants.  I find a secluded place outside and make my change.

So far so good.  The group photo suggests this dream is about facades and appearances when interacting with a community of people.  Sandra appears to be a mellow-type individual who doesn’t put on airs and is in fact quite comfortable with who she is.  Clothing in general symbolizes the “persona” we play at certain events in our lives.  If we’re playing tennis, we wear tennis shorts and shirt to exhibit a persona of athletic ability.  If we go to mass, we show less body parts (may even wear scarf) to appear more spiritual and conservative.

Jeans are acceptable public wear in a casual environment, but PJ's are specifically for sleep in the privacy of our bedrooms where we fart and sweat and aren't concerned how people see us and judge us.  So... is wearing PJ's at a business group gathering really appropriate? Mmm, don't think so.
Back at the gathering, I’m wearing my PJ’s and having a good time.  Except the elastic on my PJ’s are really loose and they keep falling down my hips.  I sort of have to hang on to them so they won’t fall totally.  My boss and his wife are there, and they come up to me.  Beside the hall is a jewelry store.  My boss and his wife push me inside the store and engage me in a conversation.  I’m wondering why he had to get me alone to talk to me.  Meanwhile, my PJ pants keep sagging down and I have to hold it up.  I’m wondering why they’ve dragged me into the jewelry store because jewelry isn’t my thing.  Dream ends.

Sandra is pretty self-accepting.  She’s not really worried about what people think of her.  She tends not to judge others, so she assumes they won’t judge her.  We all know, however, that, yeah, people judge other people all the time.  (“Oh my god, who taught her how to dress?  I mean, God, you don’t wear pajamas to a business event!.”  In real life, they might be saying, "Wow, she's a bitch, isn't she?"  Etc.)

Her psyche is trying to make her aware of three things:

1)  First, she is interacting with her co-workers in a way which is alienating them against her.  They may be judging her in a negative way.

2)  The fact that Sandra's boss and his wife push her into a jewelry store, i.e., away from judgmental co-workers, tells us that they feel protective toward her.  They don't want her to be the object of criticism and cruel commentaries.  Because she herself doesn't judge others, she innocently assumes they don't judge her either.  Well, not necessarily so.  Who among us hasn't been judged by how we fix our hair, what style of clothing we choose, how we talk and what we talk about?

3)  The jewelry store is a symbol of wealth, beauty and class... all the things that Sandra could care less about.  The fact that her boss and his wife take her in there suggests they are trying to educate her bout human VALUES.  Most people want wealth, beauty and class.  They judge themselves and others on a scale which includes those things.  Wealth and beauty are self-explanatory, but "CLASS" is that inner intuition of understanding what to wear at the tennis court or ballroom... or what to say to your co-workers and how to say it.

There was a time in England’s past when high society deemed it appropriate to have party gatherings wearing fancy and beautiful sleep attire.  It was a fad to scintillate and titillate each other and mock prudery because those individuals were bored and wanted to generate attention and sensation.  Even today in America, it became fashionable for females to let bra straps show and for males to have underwear peek out beneath sagging jeans.

So it’s not a crime to wear PJ’s to a business event.  However, Sandra, if you are serious about garnering respect and acceptance in your career, your psyche is sending you a message to BE AWARE that how you dress should be respectful of the situation you’re in.  Your attire symbolizes how you present yourself to your co-workers.  Are you calm, cool and collected?  Or do you say what you want without regard to their reactions?  Do you treat them with respect?  To get respect, you must give respect. 

Your psyche wants you to be alert. If a time comes when your boss and/or his wife want to share an idea or thought with you, pay attention. They are trying to help you because they care about the appearance you present, even if you yourself don't.

Great guidance dream, Sandra!  Wishing you many more during your happy snoozles (at which times... yes, it's okay to wear PJ's).

ADDENDUM:  Sandra emailed me subsequently to share that a few days after the dream, her boss called her in to let her know she was being pulled out of her team leader role.  Apparently, some of the women on her team complained about her attitude.  He had decided he was going to put her on a project which she could work alone.  Because of this dream interpretation, she accepted the new assignment gladly.  She also decided to change her attitude (from PJ's to jeans) at work.  She loves working alone because she doesn't get frustrated any more that her crew aren't willing to meet her standards of work ethics.  

Yay!  She paid attention!  Hope all you other snoozling dreamers do the same.

Monday, October 17, 2016


Mary Lynn from Cincinnati sent me this short and simple dream:

I dreamt of figs.  I was picking them from the tree.  They were all sizes, like tiny green grapes to medium-size to regular fig size.  Each one that I picked was nice and ripe  and delicious.  I was telling (not sure who or how many people were with me) how great the figs were and to come get some.  I ate each one I picked.   I think (but am not sure) some of them invited me to their fig tree for more.

As soon as I finished reading this, I felt happy for Mary Lynn.  This is a wonderful dream.  Before I began my interpretation I asked her if she had just exited from a relationship which abused her self-worth as a woman. She confirmed she had just broken off a romantic relationship.

This made sense to me.  In dream interpretation, figs traditionally represent a woman’s sexuality, her pride in herself as an attractive female worthy of any man’s love and attention.  Of course a human being is comprised of many facets, and sexuality is just one facet.  I suspect the ex-man in her life treated her in a way which wounded, not only her feeling of sexy allure, but her self-esteem, her self-value, and her self-respect. 

Discovering and eating all those figs, in so many different sizes, suggests that she will rediscover all the healing, positive facets of herself which this man took away from her.  It will be a “delicious” experience to absorb these elements in herself.  It will nourish and support her and give her great happiness and pleasure.  It will be fun.

The fact that she is “harvesting” these figs with others suggests that it will be an adventure shared with other people (strangers, friends and like-minded individuals).  She will discover this “fruit” (an outcome of seeds of effort which can be ingested) all by herself, but it will be in company with others.

Finally, the fact that she is invited to other people’s fig trees (though she’s not sure) suggests that perhaps she will be so good at “harvesting” these figs, that other women in similar situations to hers will ask for her “help” in “harvesting” their trees (lives).  Since she’s “not sure,” about this, she might choose not to extend her skills this way.  Her conscience will guide her to her decision.

Mary Lynn, this is a beautiful, comforting dream, and I celebrate the process with you. 

Wishing you other folks out there similar empowering dreams!  Happy snoozles ahead.

Thursday, September 1, 2016


This interesting one is from Isobel in Minnesota:

A couple nights ago I had this dream.  My mom lived in the forest in tree house.  It was very elaborate, full of things like her real-life house.  It even had natural gas burners for cooking.  It also was somewhat portable and at some point, someone drove it to another location.

You know how the elves in LORD OF THE RINGS dwell deep in the forest in tree houses?  They did it because they wanted to be hidden from the hum and drum of routine human drama.  Sounds like your Mom is feeling the same way.  However, no worries.  The fact that she has surrounded herself with familiar mementos and she has modern conveniences (instead of needing to rub twigs together to make fire) is your psyche assuring you that she’s happy and secure there in her special place.  Stop worrying about her.  Also, it sounds like she’s open to moving to another location as long as she’s surrounded by the things which generate memories of people and events she loves.

At some point I had to travel through the forest by myself and it was cold. 

Traveling through the forest to get to your mother suggests that you decide to intrude into her private, sacred place.  You’re going to confront her about her choice to isolate herself (or something else very private).  All I can say is you are one hell of a fearless daughter.  It’s tantamount to a human stranger breaking and entering into an Elven-protected place. Anything can happen, including your death!  It could be death to your self-esteem (she might bluntly tell you to mind your own business).  It could be death to your hopes and personal wishes (she might get so pissed off at your intrusion to the point she tells you to go away and never come back). In any event, be prepared for a “cold” reception.

My brother Frankie was there and he had gloves for me.  The only thing is that they were stored in his stomach.  He told me I should get them and I didn't want to because I didn't want to hurt him.  He insisted and so I proceeded to try to get them. 

You’ve heard of the expression… “handling someone with kid gloves”.  Your brother apparently is trained in the knack of handling your mother (and probably others) with “kid gloves.”  He knows how to ask questions without really asking them, and he knows how to answer questions without really giving you any information.  Sounds like your psyche is telling you that he can teach you a few of his tricks.  Those tricks are buried deep inside him, however.  It involves going into some of HIS secret places to access them.  You don’t really want to do that because… well, you don’t want to hurt him.  You’d have to cut him open to access those secret “gloves.”  He might have to admit certain things to you that you really don’t want to know.

Still, he wants to help you in your goal.  It might even be that he agrees with your goal, except he ain’t willing to go into the nasty forest and confront the powerful creature in there.  So you decide to do it yourself.

The place where I was supposed to enter was like a piece of plastic with a fine line that is a weak spot meant to be pressed with your fingers to open.  So I pressed there and he made sounds of pain.  I told him it was hurting him and he said to keep going.  I got in to dig around amongst guts that were like nude colored brains.  I finally found them and they were like fleece mittens. I was glad they were mittens since they are warmer than gloves, but I said, "I don't even want these- they smell like stomach!!!"  And that was it.

You know your brother well enough that you can sometimes “see through” him (i.e., plastic cover).  When it comes to “delving” into private places, there is a fine line you must recognize between “pressing” gently for an opening (weak spot) or pressing so hard you create a serious breach (of health or etiquette or whatever).  So the first rule is be gentle and cautious and intuit the right moment and place to do your “delving.”  Even with the gentleness, it’s going to be painful. However, it’s clear that Frankie is able to overcome his own personal discomfort enough to help you get those “gloves.”

“Guts” generally denotes “courage” and “strength”.  When you tell someone they’ve got guts, it means they can really endure and “stomach” challenging moments and events.  He trusts and loves you enough to allow you painful (probably more psychological and emotional than physical) entrance into his secret space. The fact that his “guts” are like “nude colored brains” suggests that his courage and strength of purpose derive as much from mental conditioning as it does from sheer personal crazy courage.  I wouldn’t be surprised to learn he’s had training of some type, military or otherwise.

Anyway, when you acquire those “gloves,” you’re relieved to discover they’re actually mittens.  Gloves separate the fingers, while mittens do not.  Mittens keep your fingers together so they can provide warmth for each other.  Your choice of action would be to act with warm support from people close to you, i.e., family.  In any event, you don’t want to use either because they smell of “stomach.”

So the ultimate message from your psyche is that you don’t like the idea of using “manipulation” (using gloves or mittens to accomplish your goal) because you can’t “stomach” the idea.  Manipulation suggests something dishonest, which you don’t want to be.  Believe me, that powerful woman in the forest can “smell” manipulation a mile away.

Approaching your mother to suggest a lifestyle change for her is a choice you’re free to make.  It’s not a matter of right and wrong.  This dream is warning you, however, that manipulation is not in your nature. You’re much too honest and direct a person.  Your brother can “stomach” it, but you can’t.

So pay attention to what your innermost feelings are.  Announce yourself as you enter the forest.  Make your intentions known.  And stay simple and direct, respecting your mother and her choices as much as you expect to be respected yourself.

This dream is a powerful message from your psyche to you.  You’re being given guidance.  Consider it carefully, and happy future snoozlings which give you such great, helpful information.