Thursday, October 27, 2016


This one is from Sandra who resides in Honolulu:

 I’m at a work event.  My boss and co-workers are there and we’re gathered for a group photo.  There are probably about 50 of us.  I’m having fun, being sassy and obnoxious to everyone.  My jeans are too tight and uncomfortable and I happen to have PJ’s in my backpack.  I decide to change my jeans to PJ pants.  I find a secluded place outside and make my change.

So far so good.  The group photo suggests this dream is about facades and appearances when interacting with a community of people.  Sandra appears to be a mellow-type individual who doesn’t put on airs and is in fact quite comfortable with who she is.  Clothing in general symbolizes the “persona” we play at certain events in our lives.  If we’re playing tennis, we wear tennis shorts and shirt to exhibit a persona of athletic ability.  If we go to mass, we show less body parts (may even wear scarf) to appear more spiritual and conservative.

Jeans are acceptable public wear in a casual environment, but PJ's are specifically for sleep in the privacy of our bedrooms where we fart and sweat and aren't concerned how people see us and judge us.  So... is wearing PJ's at a business group gathering really appropriate? Mmm, don't think so.
Back at the gathering, I’m wearing my PJ’s and having a good time.  Except the elastic on my PJ’s are really loose and they keep falling down my hips.  I sort of have to hang on to them so they won’t fall totally.  My boss and his wife are there, and they come up to me.  Beside the hall is a jewelry store.  My boss and his wife push me inside the store and engage me in a conversation.  I’m wondering why he had to get me alone to talk to me.  Meanwhile, my PJ pants keep sagging down and I have to hold it up.  I’m wondering why they’ve dragged me into the jewelry store because jewelry isn’t my thing.  Dream ends.

Sandra is pretty self-accepting.  She’s not really worried about what people think of her.  She tends not to judge others, so she assumes they won’t judge her.  We all know, however, that, yeah, people judge other people all the time.  (“Oh my god, who taught her how to dress?  I mean, God, you don’t wear pajamas to a business event!.”  In real life, they might be saying, "Wow, she's a bitch, isn't she?"  Etc.)

Her psyche is trying to make her aware of three things:

1)  First, she is interacting with her co-workers in a way which is alienating them against her.  They may be judging her in a negative way.

2)  The fact that Sandra's boss and his wife push her into a jewelry store, i.e., away from judgmental co-workers, tells us that they feel protective toward her.  They don't want her to be the object of criticism and cruel commentaries.  Because she herself doesn't judge others, she innocently assumes they don't judge her either.  Well, not necessarily so.  Who among us hasn't been judged by how we fix our hair, what style of clothing we choose, how we talk and what we talk about?

3)  The jewelry store is a symbol of wealth, beauty and class... all the things that Sandra could care less about.  The fact that her boss and his wife take her in there suggests they are trying to educate her bout human VALUES.  Most people want wealth, beauty and class.  They judge themselves and others on a scale which includes those things.  Wealth and beauty are self-explanatory, but "CLASS" is that inner intuition of understanding what to wear at the tennis court or ballroom... or what to say to your co-workers and how to say it.

There was a time in England’s past when high society deemed it appropriate to have party gatherings wearing fancy and beautiful sleep attire.  It was a fad to scintillate and titillate each other and mock prudery because those individuals were bored and wanted to generate attention and sensation.  Even today in America, it became fashionable for females to let bra straps show and for males to have underwear peek out beneath sagging jeans.

So it’s not a crime to wear PJ’s to a business event.  However, Sandra, if you are serious about garnering respect and acceptance in your career, your psyche is sending you a message to BE AWARE that how you dress should be respectful of the situation you’re in.  Your attire symbolizes how you present yourself to your co-workers.  Are you calm, cool and collected?  Or do you say what you want without regard to their reactions?  Do you treat them with respect?  To get respect, you must give respect. 

Your psyche wants you to be alert. If a time comes when your boss and/or his wife want to share an idea or thought with you, pay attention. They are trying to help you because they care about the appearance you present, even if you yourself don't.

Great guidance dream, Sandra!  Wishing you many more during your happy snoozles (at which times... yes, it's okay to wear PJ's).

ADDENDUM:  Sandra emailed me subsequently to share that a few days after the dream, her boss called her in to let her know she was being pulled out of her team leader role.  Apparently, some of the women on her team complained about her attitude.  He had decided he was going to put her on a project which she could work alone.  Because of this dream interpretation, she accepted the new assignment gladly.  She also decided to change her attitude (from PJ's to jeans) at work.  She loves working alone because she doesn't get frustrated any more that her crew aren't willing to meet her standards of work ethics.  

Yay!  She paid attention!  Hope all you other snoozling dreamers do the same.

Monday, October 17, 2016


Mary Lynn from Cincinnati sent me this short and simple dream:

I dreamt of figs.  I was picking them from the tree.  They were all sizes, like tiny green grapes to medium-size to regular fig size.  Each one that I picked was nice and ripe  and delicious.  I was telling (not sure who or how many people were with me) how great the figs were and to come get some.  I ate each one I picked.   I think (but am not sure) some of them invited me to their fig tree for more.

As soon as I finished reading this, I felt happy for Mary Lynn.  This is a wonderful dream.  Before I began my interpretation I asked her if she had just exited from a relationship which abused her self-worth as a woman. She confirmed she had just broken off a romantic relationship.

This made sense to me.  In dream interpretation, figs traditionally represent a woman’s sexuality, her pride in herself as an attractive female worthy of any man’s love and attention.  Of course a human being is comprised of many facets, and sexuality is just one facet.  I suspect the ex-man in her life treated her in a way which wounded, not only her feeling of sexy allure, but her self-esteem, her self-value, and her self-respect. 

Discovering and eating all those figs, in so many different sizes, suggests that she will rediscover all the healing, positive facets of herself which this man took away from her.  It will be a “delicious” experience to absorb these elements in herself.  It will nourish and support her and give her great happiness and pleasure.  It will be fun.

The fact that she is “harvesting” these figs with others suggests that it will be an adventure shared with other people (strangers, friends and like-minded individuals).  She will discover this “fruit” (an outcome of seeds of effort which can be ingested) all by herself, but it will be in company with others.

Finally, the fact that she is invited to other people’s fig trees (though she’s not sure) suggests that perhaps she will be so good at “harvesting” these figs, that other women in similar situations to hers will ask for her “help” in “harvesting” their trees (lives).  Since she’s “not sure,” about this, she might choose not to extend her skills this way.  Her conscience will guide her to her decision.

Mary Lynn, this is a beautiful, comforting dream, and I celebrate the process with you. 

Wishing you other folks out there similar empowering dreams!  Happy snoozles ahead.

Thursday, September 1, 2016


This interesting one is from Isobel in Minnesota:

A couple nights ago I had this dream.  My mom lived in the forest in tree house.  It was very elaborate, full of things like her real-life house.  It even had natural gas burners for cooking.  It also was somewhat portable and at some point, someone drove it to another location.

You know how the elves in LORD OF THE RINGS dwell deep in the forest in tree houses?  They did it because they wanted to be hidden from the hum and drum of routine human drama.  Sounds like your Mom is feeling the same way.  However, no worries.  The fact that she has surrounded herself with familiar mementos and she has modern conveniences (instead of needing to rub twigs together to make fire) is your psyche assuring you that she’s happy and secure there in her special place.  Stop worrying about her.  Also, it sounds like she’s open to moving to another location as long as she’s surrounded by the things which generate memories of people and events she loves.

At some point I had to travel through the forest by myself and it was cold. 

Traveling through the forest to get to your mother suggests that you decide to intrude into her private, sacred place.  You’re going to confront her about her choice to isolate herself (or something else very private).  All I can say is you are one hell of a fearless daughter.  It’s tantamount to a human stranger breaking and entering into an Elven-protected place. Anything can happen, including your death!  It could be death to your self-esteem (she might bluntly tell you to mind your own business).  It could be death to your hopes and personal wishes (she might get so pissed off at your intrusion to the point she tells you to go away and never come back). In any event, be prepared for a “cold” reception.

My brother Frankie was there and he had gloves for me.  The only thing is that they were stored in his stomach.  He told me I should get them and I didn't want to because I didn't want to hurt him.  He insisted and so I proceeded to try to get them. 

You’ve heard of the expression… “handling someone with kid gloves”.  Your brother apparently is trained in the knack of handling your mother (and probably others) with “kid gloves.”  He knows how to ask questions without really asking them, and he knows how to answer questions without really giving you any information.  Sounds like your psyche is telling you that he can teach you a few of his tricks.  Those tricks are buried deep inside him, however.  It involves going into some of HIS secret places to access them.  You don’t really want to do that because… well, you don’t want to hurt him.  You’d have to cut him open to access those secret “gloves.”  He might have to admit certain things to you that you really don’t want to know.

Still, he wants to help you in your goal.  It might even be that he agrees with your goal, except he ain’t willing to go into the nasty forest and confront the powerful creature in there.  So you decide to do it yourself.

The place where I was supposed to enter was like a piece of plastic with a fine line that is a weak spot meant to be pressed with your fingers to open.  So I pressed there and he made sounds of pain.  I told him it was hurting him and he said to keep going.  I got in to dig around amongst guts that were like nude colored brains.  I finally found them and they were like fleece mittens. I was glad they were mittens since they are warmer than gloves, but I said, "I don't even want these- they smell like stomach!!!"  And that was it.

You know your brother well enough that you can sometimes “see through” him (i.e., plastic cover).  When it comes to “delving” into private places, there is a fine line you must recognize between “pressing” gently for an opening (weak spot) or pressing so hard you create a serious breach (of health or etiquette or whatever).  So the first rule is be gentle and cautious and intuit the right moment and place to do your “delving.”  Even with the gentleness, it’s going to be painful. However, it’s clear that Frankie is able to overcome his own personal discomfort enough to help you get those “gloves.”

“Guts” generally denotes “courage” and “strength”.  When you tell someone they’ve got guts, it means they can really endure and “stomach” challenging moments and events.  He trusts and loves you enough to allow you painful (probably more psychological and emotional than physical) entrance into his secret space. The fact that his “guts” are like “nude colored brains” suggests that his courage and strength of purpose derive as much from mental conditioning as it does from sheer personal crazy courage.  I wouldn’t be surprised to learn he’s had training of some type, military or otherwise.

Anyway, when you acquire those “gloves,” you’re relieved to discover they’re actually mittens.  Gloves separate the fingers, while mittens do not.  Mittens keep your fingers together so they can provide warmth for each other.  Your choice of action would be to act with warm support from people close to you, i.e., family.  In any event, you don’t want to use either because they smell of “stomach.”

So the ultimate message from your psyche is that you don’t like the idea of using “manipulation” (using gloves or mittens to accomplish your goal) because you can’t “stomach” the idea.  Manipulation suggests something dishonest, which you don’t want to be.  Believe me, that powerful woman in the forest can “smell” manipulation a mile away.

Approaching your mother to suggest a lifestyle change for her is a choice you’re free to make.  It’s not a matter of right and wrong.  This dream is warning you, however, that manipulation is not in your nature. You’re much too honest and direct a person.  Your brother can “stomach” it, but you can’t.

So pay attention to what your innermost feelings are.  Announce yourself as you enter the forest.  Make your intentions known.  And stay simple and direct, respecting your mother and her choices as much as you expect to be respected yourself.

This dream is a powerful message from your psyche to you.  You’re being given guidance.  Consider it carefully, and happy future snoozlings which give you such great, helpful information.

Monday, August 15, 2016


Reuben from Michigan sent me this dream for interpretation:

I live in a condo and am a member of the board.  Recently, I had a dream where my apartment was filled with knee-deep water.  My first concern is about my roommate and whether he’s aware of this.  Turns out he’s not even home yet from work.  The condo is on a hill and my apartment is on the third floor.  It would have to be a big flood in the area to reach my place. Being a member of the board, I’m concerned for the tenants in the building who live on the lower levels.  Common sense tells me that if the water reached my third-floor apartment, those beneath me must be totally flooded out.  I look out my window and strangely enough, the only flooded-out area is the tennis court, which is on a lower level of the slope.  As I look down at the tennis court, I see crocodiles swimming around at the bottom of the water.  I know I have to tell the other tenants about this, because those critters are deadly.

When I read about his dream, I knew there was a powerful message in this.  Having lived in a condo and having been a member of the board, I knew immediately what Reuben’s psyche was telling him.

Water symbolizes emotion.  Water in a place where it’s not supposed to be is inappropriate emotion. Crocodiles in the water is dangerous emotion.

I asked Reuben if there have been significant disagreements among the people who live in the condo community.  He replied, “Oh boy, and how!”

So there you go.  The dream is self-explanatory.  Let’s think it through.

Since the inappropriate water is in Reuben’s apartment, he is evidently steeped in the disagreements among the condo residents and he’s knee-deep in emotional reactions about the issues involved.  His roommate’s absence suggests that the roommate has managed to avoid such emotional immersion in the disagreements.  Fortunately for Reuben himself, while he feels passionate about the issues, his emotions are still controllable and maneuverable.  Knee-deep water won’t necessarily drown him.

Tennis courts provide an area where residents can share fun, entertainment and exercise.  Certainly it provides a venue for a healthy interaction among the tenants.   A flooded tennis court tells us that the exchanges among the tenants have become toxic and deadly.  Frustration and anger generate ugly accusations, insults, threats and vengeful, hurtful words and actions.  Those, dear readers, are the crocodiles in the tennis court.  I suspect things have gotten ugly among the tenants of Reuben’s condo.

This is definitely a warning dream to Reuben.  First, his psyche is making him aware of the “dangerous waters” in his environment.  In fact, while he’s aware of the dangerous crocodiles in the tennis court waters, he hasn’t yet risen above his own emotional passions which work against his objective responsibilities as a board member.  As long as he’s immersed in his own issues, how can he guide others out of those dangerous waters?

The good news is that the very fact his psyche sent him this dream suggests that he possesses the ability and skill to fix this whole mess.  Go for it, Reuben!  You can do it!  Start by drying out your own apartment, and the rest will be easy.

In my situation, some tenants were so unhappy they moved out.  One was so outraged he sued the Condo Association and we ended up spending our precious Association money to hire defense attorneys.   Not only did the maintenance fees go up, but some repairs and upgrades had to be postponed for years until the fund had restored itself.  Crocodiles indeed!

This dream demonstrates how revealing and helpful our dreams can be.  Happy snoozles to you all!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Lynnie lives in Nebraska and shares her dream with us:

I work for a big company where there are a lot of supervisors.  One of the supervisors, Brent, and I share a love of animals.  In the dream, I enter a huge building which is mostly empty.  I greet him and he tells me that he’s collected a lot of feral kittens which need to be neutered and spayed.  They’re all in cages of many different sizes.  Some have doors, and others don’t.  I’m impressed that he’s collected so many kittens by himself.  Then I notice that a lot of them are dirty.  No litter boxes have been provided, and no feeding bowls or even food. Some of the kittens clearly need medical help of some type, and a few look like they won’t even make it.

An empty building represents a POTENTIAL environment populated by a community of like-minded individuals.  Brent works with Lynnie, so we’ll assume that this is their work environment.  Since Lynnie, our dreamer, and Brent are both animal lovers, kittens symbolize newborn ideas, theories and belief systems which are ripe for development (i.e., "pet" theories).  Of course “feral” kittens need to be domesticated and controlled, so it appears many of the ideas and goals envisioned by the business company are still very much in the wild-idea stage. Brent himself essentially represents the authority figures – those who have the power to realize the visions of the company.  However, at this point, they don’t even know how to begin (no doors) and how to organize and control such ideas (open doors).  In addition, the authority figures haven’t planned for the care, guidance and development which will be needed to realize the potential of the situation.

As I look around, I see the kittens are escaping from the open cages, and those stuck in their cages are either listless, sick or starving.  I tell Brent this and he sort of shrugs, focused on simply finding and collecting the kittens.  I see two other workers come in.  I’m glad to see them and I tell them about our kitten dilemma and ask them to help me.  A woman enters the building and overhears what I’m doing.  She comes up to me and asks me, “Who do you think you are coming in here telling my employees what to do?”  This really pisses me off. All I’m trying to do is help the poor kittens.  So I tell her, “I was just trying to help!  If you don’t get that, I’m not wasting any more of my time.”  The dream ends as I walk out of the building.

I emailed Lynnie back and asked her if something new had happened to her work environment.  Move to a new location?  Get a new president?  She explained to me that her company had just been bought out by a bigger company.   OK, that makes sense.

Her psyche is sending Lynnie a warning message.  I suspect that she’s been unhappy about her job situation even before the takeover, and that the  bigger company which absorbed them has goals which are even more difficult to realize.   Now she’s so unhappy she’s ready to quit.

This dream is showing her a lot of things:

●        First of all, it’s showing her the POTENTIAL of the company.  The people in power have plenty of ideas and goals, but so far, they don’t have the appropriate infrastructure in place to realize those goals.  This is GREAT!  No furniture to get rid of.  No walls to break down.  IT’S ALL OPEN FOR GROWTH. 

●        Next, she’s already inside… a part of the populace WHO HAS THE POWER TO INFLUENCE AND AFFECT the growth that occurs here.

●        Third, she already has a connection with an authority figure who’s willing (and needs) to accept her help.

●        Finally, Lynnie’s dream is showing her that, apparently, the powers-that-be already recognize her ability, not only to discern the ideas and goals of the company, but to understand which can’t be realized because of insurmountable blocks (no egress from cages) or are too weakly thought out (dying kittens), or are otherwise simply not viable (escaped kittens).  Not many people have these talents.  And even if they do, they may not have the additional talent of knowing how to nurture the idea into full growth.  And, even if they had that too, very few would have the PASSION to do something about it.  Lynnie’s psyche is telling her, “You’re a visionary, an organizer, a resourceful leader, and you have the passion to make things happen."

The final skill she needs to bring to bear is COMMITMENT.   Her psyche is showing her that she possesses too much pride and ego to commit to a task when she might be censured for being too pro-active, or for being underappreciated and misunderstood.

Her psyche is asking her, “Will you turn away from this incredible opportunity to make a big difference in a company which evidently needs your help… all because some authority figure gets enflamed into a flare-up fueled by control-issues?

Lynnie, please think deeply and seriously about this.  The issue is not about your pride being wounded or your self-importance being challenged.  The issue is:  WHAT’S GONNA HAPPEN TO THOSE KITTENS if you leave now?

A lot of things to snoozle about, eh? 

Sunday, May 29, 2016


This is a very short dream from Elena, a California resident, and actually quite a common one:

I fly a lot… from building to building or flying over a beautiful ocean.  I levitate sometimes, too.  My mindset when I’m doing this is “I can do this.”  I walk above water sometimes, too.

Freud would probably say it’s a “sexual” dream, and in some cases it may even be true.  However, it can also have a very mundane meaning:  Very simply, this is Elena’s psyche assuring her that she has the power to overcome all obstacles in her life.  If adversity strikes and she feels stuck or blocked in her efforts to achieve her goal, this dream is reassuring her that trusting in her inherent strength and courage will help her “fly” over such mundane blockages on her life path.

Many people experience these types of dreams as a supportive function of their psyches… the higher self saying, “Don’t give up.  You can do it!”

On a more general level, for those of you who are familiar with the concept of “ascension”… elevating humanity’s physical densities from third density to fourth density, this is a more literal message.  It translates to:  “Congratulations!  You are ascending to fourth density.”

According to many spiritual pundits (Drunvalo Melchizedek, David Wilcock on the “GAIA” website), when our pineal gland reaches its true functional level, we will in fact be able to do anything Jesus did.  In fact, I address this new human condition in my Sci-Fi trilogy, PEACE WARRIORS OF THE GALAXY, where my four heroes who possess so-called ESP powers save Earth from galactic enemies using their abilities.  (For more information about this fiction-series, check out my website:  “

I’m simplifying, but in essence, since all life is comprised of energy, your density is measured by the frequency of your personal consciousness.  First density on Earth are rocks, plants, water, air, wind… Mother Earth’s basic life forms; second density are animals, who have survival consciousness and a form of “group” mind. Third density are human beings, who have a strong “I” consciousness… “I AM” prime directive survival instincts.

Within third density are many gradations:  primal level is “self” awareness so intense it will kill, fight, torture and launch wars to survive.  Humanity ascends to a higher density when its energy frequency becomes aware, not only of itself, but of its connection with “all-that-is.”  When a human being evolves from a kill-or-be-killed attitude to one of “If I hurt you, I hurt myself because we are one and the same” attitude, then vibrational frequency becomes purified and much higher, which changes our density to the next level, i.e., fourth density. Fourth density is consciousness which “knows” that we are all creators of our reality and therefore in unity with the God-source.  (My non-fiction book, BOOK OF YES, also addresses this idea.)

For a more comprehensive understanding of this concept, I truly recommend watching David Wilcock’s “Wisdom Teachings” on GAIA TV.  Google it on your computer (“Ascension” or Drunvalo or David Wilcock).  The information on this is a touch away on the internet.
Meanwhile, for now, Elena, it’s enough to assure you that your compassion, love and attitude towards others have elevated you to a higher consciousness.

You can sleep better at night knowing that you are ascending to fourth density.  Congratulations and happy snoozles ahead.

Thursday, April 14, 2016


This is a short one from Gracie, who lives in Philadelphia:

In the dream I’m at home with my husband Ronnie. We’re asleep in our bed, which is in the living room for some reason.  I wake up to see the receptionist that I work with in real life. She’s walking around our condo and she started asking me questions. I was embarrassed by my big bed hair and pajamas. I answered her questions and sat up. She laughed at my big hair and couldn’t believe how different I looked at work. I told her that I love my big hair, and she shrugged and walked away. I felt like she was invading my privacy and was disrespectful. I didn't want to go to work after that.

Home with hubby is a nice, safe, private situation.  Asleep in a bed in the living room is unusual.  The bed should be in the bedroom.  Right away, I’m wondering if for some reason Gracie’s private life is being made less private.  If maybe her bedroom habits are being put out in a more open forum?  If maybe someone she knows casually (like only a greeting level, which is what a receptionist does) is being too curious about her private life? 

Bed is generally known to be a sleeping place as well as a place for sexual activity.  I’m wondering if our Dreamer, Gracie, is causing unwonted curiosity from a casual acquaintance about her sexual preferences? Big bed hair can be symbolic of bedroom thinking.  It’s appropriate for our hair to get messy and all-over-the-place when we’re asleep.  After all, aren’t our night-thoughts (dreams) messy and all-over-the-place? It’s certainly nothing to be embarrassed about or ashamed of.

Nevertheless, Gracie becomes attentive and answers the questions from the enquiring receptionist.  The receptionist laughs, which – in a free country such as ours purports to be – she is quite at liberty to do.  This suggests that while Grace is not ashamed to share her innermost thoughts with mere acquaintances (as opposed to true friends) and she is not ashamed to be who she is (bad bed hair and all), she becomes offended when people react negatively to what her true nature is during safe, private times.

In this dream, Gracie’s psyche isn’t telling her that she is wrong to be who she is, nor that curious receptionists are unkind.  Rather, she is being cautioned as to where her bed is being placed.  It’s wonderful that she’s open-hearted and trusting enough to answer questions about private matters being asked by relative strangers.  But she must learn to discern whether it’s appropriate to reveal her innermost thoughts (bed hair) and personality (pajamas) to relative strangers. 

Why take offense by the receptionist’s reaction and why withdraw from the workplace… when she could have avoided it all by simply refusing to answer inappropriate questions in an inappropriate place from an inappropriate person?

This dream is Gracie’s psyche giving her great advice… what NOT to do under certain circumstances.

Happy snoozles ahead, folks!