Thursday, April 30, 2015


This one is from R. Johnson of Illinois, USA.  His company is about to merge with another company and he wondered if this dream was about that.

I’m driving along the freeway minding my own business when ahead of me, a truck suddenly hits the brakes and collides with another truck.  Half a dozen other cars get pulled into the accident, but I  brake just in time to avoid the mess.  I notice oil spilling from the truck heading my way, so I get out of the car.

The oil is now heading straight for me and I know that if I get any oil on me when the truck explodes, I’ll be caught up in it.  I start running.  The oil follows me. Ahead, I see a ditch and I jump into it.  I see one of my co-workers standing on the ditch.  I shout at him to run from the oil, but he just stands there staring at the explosion.  The oil keeps chasing me and I run like crazy until I reach an incline, and the oil stops.

I stand there watching as other cars explode.  Some of the people have run and are safe, but the ditch has caught fire so I know unless that co-worker got away in time, he’s probably caught in the fire.

Those of you who’ve read other dream blogs will know by now that cars symbolize the vehicle of progress in life.  It can be family mechanics, environmental influences, or job situation.  Because a co-worker is in this dream, this is most likely about his job situation, so yes, this is about the company merger.

Since it’s a collision, the merger will be intense and will generate destructive elements with it.  Perhaps the parent company has goals which diverge from that of the smaller company.  This dream warns that some people will lose their jobs as a result of the merge,  and, in fact, the dreamer himself is in danger of being a victim of collateral damage.

It’s significant that for the oil (i.e., “danger”) to stop, the dreamer has to climb up an incline.  This suggests that he should take the “high” road and live up to his personal ideals and goals, rather than allowing apathy and hesitation to keep him stuck in the ditch, where, indeed, he’s likely to be damaged by the situation.

Whether this dream suggests that R. Johnson should quit his job is something only he can decide.   It will probably depend on whether his current company is in sync with his personal ideology.  In any event, taking the high road implies acting with integrity, self-respect and honor.  Most definitely, dreamer should be true to himself.

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