Thursday, September 1, 2016


This interesting one is from Isobel in Minnesota:

A couple nights ago I had this dream.  My mom lived in the forest in tree house.  It was very elaborate, full of things like her real-life house.  It even had natural gas burners for cooking.  It also was somewhat portable and at some point, someone drove it to another location.

You know how the elves in LORD OF THE RINGS dwell deep in the forest in tree houses?  They did it because they wanted to be hidden from the hum and drum of routine human drama.  Sounds like your Mom is feeling the same way.  However, no worries.  The fact that she has surrounded herself with familiar mementos and she has modern conveniences (instead of needing to rub twigs together to make fire) is your psyche assuring you that she’s happy and secure there in her special place.  Stop worrying about her.  Also, it sounds like she’s open to moving to another location as long as she’s surrounded by the things which generate memories of people and events she loves.

At some point I had to travel through the forest by myself and it was cold. 

Traveling through the forest to get to your mother suggests that you decide to intrude into her private, sacred place.  You’re going to confront her about her choice to isolate herself (or something else very private).  All I can say is you are one hell of a fearless daughter.  It’s tantamount to a human stranger breaking and entering into an Elven-protected place. Anything can happen, including your death!  It could be death to your self-esteem (she might bluntly tell you to mind your own business).  It could be death to your hopes and personal wishes (she might get so pissed off at your intrusion to the point she tells you to go away and never come back). In any event, be prepared for a “cold” reception.

My brother Frankie was there and he had gloves for me.  The only thing is that they were stored in his stomach.  He told me I should get them and I didn't want to because I didn't want to hurt him.  He insisted and so I proceeded to try to get them. 

You’ve heard of the expression… “handling someone with kid gloves”.  Your brother apparently is trained in the knack of handling your mother (and probably others) with “kid gloves.”  He knows how to ask questions without really asking them, and he knows how to answer questions without really giving you any information.  Sounds like your psyche is telling you that he can teach you a few of his tricks.  Those tricks are buried deep inside him, however.  It involves going into some of HIS secret places to access them.  You don’t really want to do that because… well, you don’t want to hurt him.  You’d have to cut him open to access those secret “gloves.”  He might have to admit certain things to you that you really don’t want to know.

Still, he wants to help you in your goal.  It might even be that he agrees with your goal, except he ain’t willing to go into the nasty forest and confront the powerful creature in there.  So you decide to do it yourself.

The place where I was supposed to enter was like a piece of plastic with a fine line that is a weak spot meant to be pressed with your fingers to open.  So I pressed there and he made sounds of pain.  I told him it was hurting him and he said to keep going.  I got in to dig around amongst guts that were like nude colored brains.  I finally found them and they were like fleece mittens. I was glad they were mittens since they are warmer than gloves, but I said, "I don't even want these- they smell like stomach!!!"  And that was it.

You know your brother well enough that you can sometimes “see through” him (i.e., plastic cover).  When it comes to “delving” into private places, there is a fine line you must recognize between “pressing” gently for an opening (weak spot) or pressing so hard you create a serious breach (of health or etiquette or whatever).  So the first rule is be gentle and cautious and intuit the right moment and place to do your “delving.”  Even with the gentleness, it’s going to be painful. However, it’s clear that Frankie is able to overcome his own personal discomfort enough to help you get those “gloves.”

“Guts” generally denotes “courage” and “strength”.  When you tell someone they’ve got guts, it means they can really endure and “stomach” challenging moments and events.  He trusts and loves you enough to allow you painful (probably more psychological and emotional than physical) entrance into his secret space. The fact that his “guts” are like “nude colored brains” suggests that his courage and strength of purpose derive as much from mental conditioning as it does from sheer personal crazy courage.  I wouldn’t be surprised to learn he’s had training of some type, military or otherwise.

Anyway, when you acquire those “gloves,” you’re relieved to discover they’re actually mittens.  Gloves separate the fingers, while mittens do not.  Mittens keep your fingers together so they can provide warmth for each other.  Your choice of action would be to act with warm support from people close to you, i.e., family.  In any event, you don’t want to use either because they smell of “stomach.”

So the ultimate message from your psyche is that you don’t like the idea of using “manipulation” (using gloves or mittens to accomplish your goal) because you can’t “stomach” the idea.  Manipulation suggests something dishonest, which you don’t want to be.  Believe me, that powerful woman in the forest can “smell” manipulation a mile away.

Approaching your mother to suggest a lifestyle change for her is a choice you’re free to make.  It’s not a matter of right and wrong.  This dream is warning you, however, that manipulation is not in your nature. You’re much too honest and direct a person.  Your brother can “stomach” it, but you can’t.

So pay attention to what your innermost feelings are.  Announce yourself as you enter the forest.  Make your intentions known.  And stay simple and direct, respecting your mother and her choices as much as you expect to be respected yourself.

This dream is a powerful message from your psyche to you.  You’re being given guidance.  Consider it carefully, and happy future snoozlings which give you such great, helpful information.

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