Sunday, February 12, 2012


Hey, folks!

Those of you who know me understand that I make daily choices about aspects of my life based on dreams.  To me, they are not only an expression of my psyche, they are valid guideposts to the inner workings of my heart, mind, body and spirit.

A message about your BODY works like this:

In your dream, a gun is pressed against your head and it startles you.  You wake up, and ouch!... you discover the remote control gizmo is pressed against your head... in the exact same spot as in your dream.

Messages of the heart could run something like this: 

In your dream, You're standing in the middle of a bridge looking at the water rushing beneath you.  Someone taps your shoulder and you turn around and it's your boyfriend.  He hands you some keys, kisses you on the forehead and keeps walking on the bridge until he reaches the opposite side of the bridge and is gone.

You wake up and wonder what in heaven that dream was about.  I would suggest that your boyfriend is making a decision about breaking up with you (returning to you the "keys" to his heart) and your whole relationship will be water under the bridge. 

Now, had he walked back the way he came, that would suggest he'll reconsider and you can work things out.  The fact that he continued on to the other side of the shore (opposite the shore where you two began your relationship) implies there's no turning back in his decision.

The kiss indicates that in all likelihood, he will continue to harbor affectionate feelings for you despite the breakup.  Had he slapped you, that would suggest something else.  Had he made crazy sexy love with you before walking to the opposite shore, that would mean that he retains strong lust attraction for you, but he's ending it because other elements aren't conducive to a working relationship.

And that's how fun and informative dreams can be.

I LOVE interpreting dreams, and maybe you have a dream you'd love for me to interpret.  I'll give it a good try if it intrigues me enough and it's something others can relate to.

Send me an email to and I'll select one or two a week and feature it in my blog.  You can decide if you want to be a "hidden" dreamer or an "open" dreamer (i.e., I can reveal you as the dreamer... or not.  Your choice). 

Please understand that by sending me your dream, you are giving me permission to publish it in my blog, with the possibility of inclusion for my next dream book.

Join me in this blog adventure and let's see where it takes us.

Happy snoozles!


  1. I'm so glad that you are blogging about this, Mom! I have already subscribed and look forward to all of your future posts! I will even send you some of my recent crazy dreams, hehe. Love, Arielle

  2. Your dreams are usually crazy, but when we figure it out, it always makes sense. Bring it on!