Saturday, September 12, 2015


This one is from Allie in Fresno, California.  She’s been having issues with co-workers and doesn’t know which co-worker, if any, she can trust.  She noticed that her co-workers would gossip about anyone who wasn’t at work that day.  It made her think they gossip about her when she’s not there.  She’s new and doesn’t know if she can trust anyone at work.

I’m working the night shift and there are three other co-workers with me. It’s quiet and we’re all doing our assignments.  The store doesn’t close until 9:00 so we’re straightening up shelves and organizing supplies.  I’m in the back room getting things out that need to go on display.  I hear a noise behind me and turn to see a co-worker, Sandra, also looking for things to replace on the store shelves.  Then I notice she’s completely naked.  She doesn’t seem self-conscious about it.

Then I look at myself and realize I’m naked too.  Now I’m wondering what’s going on.  The store sells T-shirts so I get X-size shirts, put one on, and walk over to her with the second one.  I say, “Did you want to put this on?”  She looks at me and then at herself and realizes she’s naked.  She’s surprised too, but she doesn’t freak out.  She shrugs, thanks me, takes the T-shirt and puts it on.

Then we both go back to work.  She cracks a joke about having to exercise more to get rid of her little pot belly, and I laugh, saying that she has nothing to complain about because I have to lose weight, period.  It feels good to laugh with someone for a change.

As I’ve mentioned in previous dreams, being naked means being honest and forthright… letting people see who you really are, without camouflage.  Allie’s major concern at work is about trust issues, whether she can trust her co-workers or not.

If we want to be close to people, we have to share our thoughts and feelings with them.  Very often, the thoughts we share have to do with mutual co-workers and friends… which then usually becomes “gossip.”  To a certain extent, this is inevitable and even acceptable.  It’s only when we’re insulting or denigrating mutual co-workers that the gossip is hurtful and the person saying the hurtful things becomes untrustworthy.  Whenever I get caught up in social conversations which escalate to this level, I always say, “Look, I consider 'xxxxx' a friend and I’m uncomfortable listening to you guys talk about her when she’s not here to defend herself.”  If they’re halfway decent, they’ll stop the negative conversation… even if it’s only around you.  Personally, I’ve been known to withdraw from such “friendships” simply because friends aren’t “true” friends if you can’t trust  them to cover your back.

It sounds like you probably have higher ethical and moral standards than some of your co-workers.  But, good news!  Your psyche is right there to show you the way.  This dream is telling you that not only can you trust Sandra to be honest and forthright with you, but you can be the same to her.  In fact, if she decides to share anything with you, it’s to acknowledge any flaws she perceives in herself (pot belly), and you respond in kind to her honesty, but with the idea of making her comfortable about herself.  That sounds like a potential true friendship to me.  This dream tells me that you are a kind, decent person, and the world would be a better place with more people like you.

Pay attention to your dreams, and happy snoozlings ahead.

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