Wednesday, July 11, 2012


This one is short and simple.

I had a dream that I was jobless and having a great time with my creative artistic passions. I was very productive and successful. I was exposed to a lot of people through my Q&A sessions, interviews, photo shoots, and appearances. 

I get invited by a CNN-type TV show host, and I don't prepare. I have no idea what this old guy is gonna ask me, but it seemed harmless. He asks to meet me before the interview. The meeting is at his TV show set with fake trees and plants all over. He sits on a chair on a huge crane, so I have to climb a ladder to get to him. When I finally get to him, I shake his hand and tell him it’s nice to meet him. Instead of shaking my hand, he reaches out his hand and grabs one of the white hairs on my head. He inspects it and smells it and feels it and tells me that it has remnants of cocaine. He tells me that he knows I've done cocaine for at least nine months because of the long white strand of hair. 

I believe it for a second when I realize that he's full of shi*. It's not cocaine... it’s a lack of melanin, because I'm getting older. I decide not to go on his show.  It's the first interview/appearance that I decline respectfully.

Dreams are usually not literal unless they’re precognitive”… a warning of a true event to occur.  If Angelina Jolie had dreamt this dream, it would be a precognitive dream… warning her that in one of her future interviews, the host will present himself as one who supports and appreciates her value to the world, but who ends up maligning her image once in front of the cameras.

Of course it wasn’t Angelina who sent me this dream, but a young woman who is on the slow rise to success in her field of work.  Nevertheless, the “warning” precognitive aspect s still apply.

It’s interesting that she considers herself  “jobless” (a 9-to-5 job?) when in fact she’s evidently making good money (or will make) in expressing her creative artistic passions.  Is she a sculptor?  A painter?  A singer? A writer?  An actress?  To her a real job is putting her nose to the grindstone, an everyday, boring routine where she doesn't get to express her artistic self.  Singing and being successful and productive at it isn't?  Hmm, looks like some core beliefs need to be reconfigured.

Applying this dream as a metaphor of her current life, we’ll assume that whatever this woman does to support herself, whether 9-to-5 or “artistic”, she is building her credentials such that those in her field generally view her as “successful and productive.” 

Apparently, she is being considered for “promotion” of some type… and must go to a pre-interview before the real interview.  It’s a fake setting (as most TV talk-show sets are), so she should be warned that questions thrown at her aren’t necessarily going to be sincere.  More likely they are going to be directed at her to gauge her character by how she responds… hopefully in a dramatically revealing way.  In addition, the interviewer considers himself “above” her and the audience (on a crane so high she has to climb a ladder to get on his level).  He might consider himself superior morally, intellectually, career-wise, etc.

Would Angelina break down and cry if she’s accused of being a cocaine addict in front of a TV audience?  I don’t think so.  In the same way, this dreamer is being warned that her interviewer might consider her so far beneath him that all he wants to do is focus on her “bad” characteristics (as per current  political correctness view, anyway).

Like Angelina, dreamer is being warned by her psyche that she shouldn’t accept whatever the interviewer says as gospel truth.  Dreamer might become flummoxed if questions are thrown at her unexpectedly to make her feel powerless and vulnerable.   In fact, because the expression of her artistic creative passions give her such a feeling of satisfaction and thrill (a “high”), she might wonder if the interviewer is correct.

But, wait, she KNOWS she hasn’t been taking cocaine, so he’s just trying to stir up drama with fake accusations.  She’s smart enough not to accept his superior judgment of her.  In fact, she’s so smart that even though appearing on TV with this interviewer would “promote” her - possibly in a big way – she doesn’t need to put herself through that kind of uncomfortable scrutiny.

What to other people may seem like a deceptive escape from reality ("cocaine") might, to her, be simply her normal process of getting older.   Melanin is what generates color in hair, and as a natural process of aging, this component diminishes over a period of time.  There is a traditional belief in life that one becomes wiser, more sober, more down-to-earth realistic as one gets older.

Not so to this dreamer.  Perhaps she started out that way - ultra sober, ultra serious and practical, and now, as she's getting older, she's willing to enjoy life more - have fun, experience mind-blowing adventures.  In other words be "high" on life.  What to others might be an inhalation of "cocaine" might, to her, be her own unique way of appreciating life with "creative artistic passion."

In summary, this is a warning scenario for the dreamer.  Her psyche is telling her, “Be careful.  Others may misunderstand your character."  What to you might be a great "promotion" potential might, in reality, be someone’s way to malign your reputation.

Hope this helps you make a decision about something which you may soon experience.

All you others out there -- hope you all are enjoying your nightly snoozles. 

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