Wednesday, December 5, 2012


This dream is from a woman who is very goal-oriented and meticulous about achieving her goals. 

I am in a house.  It’s not at all similar to my real house.  The layout and furniture are different.  Maybe I’m on vacation or in a temporary living arrangement.

In general, houses represent a goal, belief system, a conviction, a lifestyle.  Since houses serve as “shelter”, the implication is that it is something important to the Dreamer, something to support and defend and shelter.  As an example, it could be a career goal, a romantic goal, or even an ideal for a married lifestyle.

I look around the living room and it feels social… like people visit this place all the time… to hang out… to jam… just to be there and relax.  I then go into my bedroom and it has very little furnishings… a single twin-size bed against one wall. 

The living room is the neutral ground… the reception area.  So basically, for this Dreamer, the way she’s handling the general “public” aspect of her goal is routine… no stress, no pressure.  Just a relaxed open friendly attitude.  The bedroom is revealing, however.  It has minimal furnishings, and a small bed.  What’s revealed is that this particular goal is not about “shelter for the night” or “getting a good night’s sleep”.   The bed is there, so she can sleep when it’s necessary, but there is nothing comforting or indulgent about this aspect of her life.  This tells us that even while she presents a friendly, relaxed attitude to her social peers regarding this goal, in her innermost self, she’s quite no-nonsense and focused about achieving what she wants.

Someone who uses a bedroom to get some good peaceful rest will generally be furnished with a nice big bed and thick comforter and fat cushy pillows.  There might even be a connection to a big bathroom with jacuzzi tub or other luxurious accommodations.  Since all this bedroom has is a bed for one person, to this Dreamer, the "resting" is simple and direct.  

As I approach closer, I realize that superimposed over the walls are large puzzle pieces which have been fitted together to create a big wallpaper piece landscape scenario… plants with blue sky background… soft blues and greens.    Two walls are completed puzzles and it just needs to be fitted more perfectly.  Two other walls are almost complete.  Puzzle pieces are scattered on the floor and it’s a matter of fitting them in where they belong.

And here is the true purpose of the dream… to let the Dreamer know that she has nearly achieved her goal.  Walls are what ultimately make the house real.  It defines and organizes what the house is all about.   To the Dreamer, then, she feels that a basic factor in achieving her goal is to collect a series of “pieces” (experiences) which combine and join and fit together to create an overall picture.  Her "resting" period is devoted to planning and getting research and finding answers to the mysteries which might sabotage her goal.  Those walls and the way they fill the substance of the bedroom are what validate the existence of the house… of her goal.  

And she is nearly finished… just fit the last pieces in.   Just compile and organize in her mind the last experiences which have occurred in her life.  And then, whether it’s evident to her or not, she will have completed in achieving her goal… in validating the substance of her house.

It's taken a lot of pieces to fill up four walls in her bedroom.  This is a patient person who is willing to wait and plan carefully to get what she wants in life.

Congratulations, and happy snoozling.

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