Sunday, February 3, 2013


This dream is from a young man whose mother recently retired from her job.  Her income was suddenly drastically reduced, and he became anxious that she wouldn't be able to support herself, and that his own family obligations wouldn’t give him much financial flexibility to help his mother out should it be necessary..

For some reason I’m with my Mom and we’re homeless.  We’re looking for some place to spend the night.  We find a big building which apparently has been abandoned, and we go inside.   The inside is a huge empty area, and there are a lot of other people inside.  Everyone has staked out a place for themselves and it’s pretty crowded.

This dream is a powerful message from the young man’s psyche.  He’s anxious about whether his Mom will survive financially now that her income is reduced.  In today’s economy phase, many people are experiencing this very challenge.  This dream sets up a situation which reflects that anxiety.

My mother finds a small alcove under the stairs which is private.   I’m amazed she’s managed to find such an “exclusive” area.

Reassurance #1:  The message from his psyche is:  “No matter how many other people are in the same straits, she will always manage to carve out a special “exclusive” niche for herself.

She tells me that she’s off to run some errands and takes off.  After a while, she returns with a bike.  I’m puzzled at how she got the bike.  I know she didn’t steal it – that’s not her style.   She’s so resourceful.  She tells me she has more errands to run and to watch her bike for her.  And she’s off again.  The end.

A bike is a vehicle of mobility.  It moves you from one place to another.  It can symbolize another job, which will move her from insufficient financial straits to comfortable financial status.  It can symbolize life in general… from unhappy being-alone situation to fulfilled time-for-friends situation.  She doesn’t “steal” this ability from anyone.  She doesn’t need to.  She’s always possessed this ability.  

Thus, Reassurance #2:   His mother is a resourceful woman.  Throw her into any situation, and she will find her niche and feel fulfilled in it.  She isn’t going to become a couch potato, having nothing but the television to keep her occupied.  She will find things to do and places to be, and will probably be busier than she has ever been before.

Message?  Stop worrying, kiddo.  Mom’s gonna be fine!

May you find happy snoozlings ahead for you!

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