Tuesday, October 9, 2012


 This dream is from someone in Los Angeles.  It’s fairly simple.

I lived in an apartment with huge windows right above the 101 freeway at the Highland exit. I was watching the cars approach, being mesmerized by their headlights (it's night time). I ponder my goals and aspirations. I reminisce on my past accomplishments and memories. I think about the people I love. I think about how much I want them to succeed in life. How some of them have had rough moments in life. Just then, a huge shooting star shoots across the sky, but my immediate response is to not make a wish.  I felt like anything I wanted was already in my grasp and I didn't need a wish to get it.

Watching cars traveling on a highway is a metaphor for pondering other people during their journey through life.  Then, the dreamer turns her focus inward… considering her own personal journey through life.

This portion of the dream reflects the person’s self-value and self-respect at this point in her life.  She has very good self-esteem, able to look at life in a realistic way.  She apparently has past accomplishments and memories, and life experiences filled with social interaction with people she loves.  Yet, she still has goals and aspirations.

This is someone between 30 and 50 years of age, who has made good solid choices in her life which have generated a positive self-value.  She is young enough to believe that outside forces can influence the events in her life (shooting star), but old enough to know that the most important factor in accomplishing her goals is to believe in herself and to live according to her personal inner truth.

She is also old enough to be able to step outside herself and consider other people’s lives… their rough moments and experiences.  She is compassionate and caring… wanting the people she knows to succeed in their dreams and aspirations.

Then the shooting star comes straight towards me and slams into the 101 freeway about half a mile in front of me. I gasp as cars swerve to avoid it. My roommate runs over to me and asks me what happened. I tell her, "a comet came out of the sky!" She asks if anyone got hurt and where the comet was now. All the cars on the freeway slow down and stop to help the victims. Scattered in front of the cars are three large pieces of burning ember lying on the freeway. I point to the biggest one and say with teary eyes, "Look at that one, it is still burning." My roommate asks where they came from. I tell her that they were once a shooting star, but I didn't make a wish, so they caused destruction instead. End of dream.

What’s interesting in this dream is that the shooting star comes straight towards her.  Normally, a shooting star is far up in the sky, shooting away from the person observing it… or perhaps shooting across the sky from end to end.

The direction of the star's path is significant, especially if we consider the dreamer’s moment of self-examination.  It seems to me that this dream is telling the dreamer that she herself is the focus of someone else’s “wish” which they want to come true.

But the dreamer is only thinking about the shooting star’s value to her.   Her self-esteem is so solid that she decides she doesn’t need outside help.   So she decides not to attach her future success on the fortunes of a shooting star.  She decides to let the opportunity pass by.

AND… It lands right in front of her.  In landing, it causes destruction and havoc.  It disrupts cars traveling along the highway.  Three embers are left burning.

This is a warning dream from the dreamer’s psyche to her conscious mind. 

In her ponderings, she has examined her self-value.  And she has examined other people’s value to her.  BUT WHAT ABOUT HER VALUE TO OTHERS?

Has she considered that her friendship and attention are of strong importance to people who love her?  Has she thought about a request they’re making of her – whether it’s to attend their birthday party, or spend vacation time with them, or to babysit their child – which, to them, is like wishing on a shooting star of a goal they truly want to accomplish?

If dreamer thinks back over recent events in her life, in all likelihood she will realize that someone has issued an “invitation” to her and it is of utmost importance to that someone’s life.  Dreamer may feel inclined to reject this invitation… or to not attend a special event… or to pass on an opportunity to participate in some way to that someone’s life. 

This dream is warning her that her acceptance of this person’s invitation is more important than she could ever imagine.  If she refuses to make that person’s “wish” come true, it will create a serious injury (emotional, spiritual or psychological) in his/her life and thus the lives of the people traveling with him/her.

Perhaps that someone is trying to create a stronger bond to their friendship, and if dreamer turns away from that friendship, it will create a devastating effect on that friend’s future.

The three embers suggest there are three elements which so far are keeping the embers of their friendship alive.  These embers represent the high regard the friend holds for the dreamer:  Trust, Respect and the strongest fire of all – Love.

Dreamer, consider carefully.   Is this a friend you want to lose?  And all because you don’t see how valuable your friendship is to this someone issuing you an invitation?  Turn to your roommate in this dream… this is someone who understands you enough to give you good, solid advice.

Hope my happy snoozling audience out there found something to ponder in this dream interpretation.  If not… maybe the next one?

Wishing you big fat ZZZZZ’s tonight.

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