Sunday, March 19, 2017


Leonard from New Jersey couldn’t make sense of his dream so he sent me an email:

My best friend, Stallone, and I are playing basketball, sort of competitive with each other. It’s fun and we’re getting a good workout.  We’re always trying to take the ball from each other so we’re colliding and hitting against each other.  At some point we hit against each other so hard he breaks a comb I’ve got in my pocket.  I take it out and at first, I’m pissed, but it’s just a comb and it’s no big deal, so it’s all good.  Next scene, maybe a few months after the game, my friend casually takes out a new comb and hands it to me.  Says it’s to replace the one he broke.  I take it and it feels good he remembered.

A best friend is “best” because you enjoy his/her companionship, you really get along well, and you trust him/her.  It’s fun to hang out with such a friend because you have a good time, no matter what.  And, finally, you trust this best friend to understand the way you think and feel about things.  Of course, it usually gets competitive.  That’s part of the fun.

In this dream, there is an important clue, however.  The comb provides that clue.  A comb is used to “straighten out” and “style” your hair.  In dreams, the state of your hair reflects the way you think and the style reflects how those thoughts are expressed to the world.  Because Leonard’s best friend breaks his comb, the warning in this dream is that one of the games his best friend likes to play with him is “mind” games.  Breaking that comb suggests the best friend has no problem lying and deceiving him.  Maybe it’s a prank and for fun, or maybe it’s because he’s worried the “truth” might alienate Leonard. 

In any event, Leonard’s psyche is warning him of a characteristic his friend possesses.  After all, what may be a “funny” prank to his best friend might ultimately be hurtful or upsetting to Leonard himself.

Because Stallone replaces the broken comb, the “best” message in this dream is that Leonard’s best friend will always find a way to somehow “straighten out” any misunderstanding or breach caused by his untruthful communication.

Happy snoozzles tonight, everyone! 

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